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Taking it all off while pregnant

When it comes to going fuzz-free during pregnancy, not all hair removal remedies are safe for a mama-to-be. So, before you splurge on waxing, laser hair removal, hair removal cream or other hair removal methods, find out the best options for taking it all off while pregnant.

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Electrolysis and laser hair removal

Electrolysis and laser hair removal offer long-term benefits when going bare down there — or anywhere on your pregnant bod. But with no studies to weigh the effect of these high-tech hair removal options during pregnancy, you may find your doctor giving you the thumbs down. reports that many health care providers recommend avoiding these processes. Besides risking damage to sensitive skin, such as around your nipples, using a method such as galvanic electrolysis is not recommended, as the electrical current may affect the baby.

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Waxing while pregnant

Even if waxing was your go-to way to get rid of unwanted hair pre-pregnancy, now that you’re sporting a bump your body may react differently to waxing while pregnant. “I was going away on my babymoon to Mexico so I booked a bikini wax,” shares Carrie Camar of Buffalo, New York. “I’ve been going for bikini waxes for years, so this was nothing new, except for me being 25 weeks pregnant. All started out well, but then I started not feeling well… and lo and behold I blacked out. Next thing I knew, I was sitting on a stool with only my tank top, sans pants, profusely sweating and the aesthetician cooling me down with a wet towel and offering me juice.”

Hair removal cream and depilatory methods

When it comes to creams and depilatory hair removal methods, the biggest red flag for pregnant mamas are the two active ingredients commonly found in those products — barium sulfide powder and calcium thioglycolate, reports To play it safe, “Avoid products with suspect ingredients, including dyes, chemicals and parabens,” suggests Natashah Torki, beauty director at Beauty by Dolly.

Shaving during pregnancy

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Still touted as the safest hair removal method during pregnancy, using a razor to take it all off still has its fair share of absurdities. “When I was uber pregnant I made my sister shave my area ‘down there.’ We are totally close but it was awkward and hilarious and we swore never to speak of it again,” confesses one woman from Arizona. However, the biggest risks you’ll encounter are nicks and a crooked bikini line so it’s usually your best option when shaving your bikini line, legs, pits or even your belly.

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In addition to pregnancy-unfriendly conditions, when taking it all off while pregnant your skin may react differently to products you normally use to go fuzz-free. “Use a product specifically formulated for sensitive skin, or that is completely natural like sugaring or threading,” offers Torki. “Threading and sugaring are natural and safe hair removal alternatives for pregnant women because chemicals often found in hair removal products can cause or trigger a skin reaction, which is more likely to happen during pregnancy because your skin is more sensitive.” Whether it’s electrolysis or laser hair removal, hair removal cream or waxing while pregnant, before you go all gung-ho about any hair removal methods while pregnant talk to you doctor about what method is safe for you and your baby-to-be.

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