May the 4th be with you: How to have an epic Star Wars Day with your kids

Apr 20, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET
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If you haven't geeked out over the latest Star Wars movie with your kids yet, you might fall into a slim, slim minority. (Are you the only one?) But as any loyal Star Wars fan knows, the fun is far from over. May 4 just happens to be the unofficial Star Wars holiday.

Star Wars Day
Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

While May the 4th is not a national holiday, Star Wars Day is celebrated by many just the same. May the 4th sounds an awful lot like "May the force be with you," and Star Wars lovers are always looking for any excuse to celebrate. These ideas can help keep the force with you this May the 4th.

Play dress up

Play dress up |
Image: Craftiness is not Optional

Playing dress up is fun for the whole family. Even your baby can get in on the fun. Your costumes can be as simple as a bathrobe and a few sashes, or more elaborate creations that you might see during Halloween or at a comic convention. This adorable family from Craftiness is not Optional does Star Wars so wonderfully and can be inspirational for you as you work on your own costume ideas.

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View the films

Star wars complete sga |
Image: Amazon

No May the 4th is complete without viewing at least one of the films. If you and your kids are up for a day-long movie session, queue up all six Star Wars films, starting with The Phantom Menace of course. If you're not so into the prequel trilogy, pop in A New Hope and follow with The Empire Strikes Back, and then finish up with Return of the Jedi. If you're viewing more than one movie, make sure you take plenty of breaks for play and food. (Amazon, $84)

Chomp on Star Wars food

Star wars food |
Image: Arena Five

You can't really go out and buy a pizza shaped like a Jedi-in-training, but you can most certainly serve pizza and add a sign proclaiming it to be Padawan pizza. It can be so much fun to use your imagination and make ordinary party food out of this world. Yoda soda, Boba-Q chips, wookie cookies… the possibilities are endless. Arena Five even has some amazing free printables for you to use if you're stuck for ideas.

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Make lightsaber pretzels

Light saber pretzels |
Image: i should be mopping the floor

What Star Wars gathering is complete without lightsaber-themed food? These lightsaber pretzels from i should be mopping the floor are super easy to do — simply coat pretzel rods with colored frosting. For an even more realistic look, wrap the handles with tin foil.

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