Mommy and me date ideas for Mother’s Day

May 7, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Make this Mother's Day special by having a date with just your kiddo and you. Bloggers share some of their favorite ways to make loving memories with the ones that made you a mom.

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Skipping rocks

Take a few rocks to a local lake or beach and skip away. Small Anchors blogger Aimee states this is one of her son's favorite pastimes. Free and fun for the both of you, bring along a snack or a picnic lunch to make the date extra special.

A bike ride

For this date, all you need is a bike and a particular place to go. Cheryl at Moms and Munchkins believes these kinds of dates are important to have when there is no particular "to-do" list — just you, the child and the open road.

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Book time

An excellent idea for a child of any age, the library or local book store is an awesome place to catch some quality one-on-one time. Peruse through picture books and read to younger children, listen to your school-aged children read to you or allow your older child/teen to show you some of their favorite reads, while you show them some of your favorite classics. If you are not a huge reader, magazines are always a great source for conversation starters.

Craft hour

So your significant other didn't do their parent duties and help create a Mother's Day gift for you with your child? No need to worry, help them create it yourself. Show them what you were really hoping to get, or assist them in creating one of their very own ideas made just for you.

Sampling sesh

Have a little foodie in your house? Have a fun, free time by visiting stores that offer free samples and snacking your date away. Places like Costco, Baskin Robbins and local bakeries offer samples to visiting customers. Splurge on your favorites.

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Quote me

A movie date with your child is always a safe bet for fun. But take it a bit further for Mother's Day by turning it into a bit of a game. The Simply Me Blog creator, Savannah, and her son have nearly memorized the Wreck it Ralph script and use the quotes as a fun game with each other. Recreate your favorite movie together, or play it on mute to see how much you can quote it and adlib the rest for instant laughs.

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Star gazing

There's no better place to go for mommy and me memories than your own backyard. Sleep under the stars or simply tell scary stories as you roast marshmallows and sip hot cocoa in the grass. If in a warmer climate, drink some cold chocolate milk and snack on popcorn.

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Model behavior

Take your mini fashionista to the mall with your iPhone and snap away while they show off some of their favorite and most absurd fashion choices. Let them try on whatever their heart desires, or have your child choose a few outfits for you and model for each other. Snap a few Instagram poses to use as embarrassing collateral in future years.

Breakfast in bed

Usually breakfast in bed is made just for mom on Mother's Day, but this year, invite the kiddos in for a major snuggle fest. Krissy at B. Inspired finds that the little moments like those early morning snuggles, boo-boo kissing and bedtime stories are what really matter to our kids in the long run and can make for an excellent "date" time as well

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A day at the zoo or aquarium

Aimee from Small Anchors states that she gives her son the map and lets him lead the way. "He always has a list of animals and events that he wants to see." This allows your child to learn independence and decision-making while creating an awesome memory for the both of you.

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Recreational class

Turn your child's favorite activity into a day of fun. Tina at Life Without Pink noticed that her son really enjoyed creating art and drawing. As a surprise, she is planning on signing the two of them up for an art class. Check your local municipalities website to find a class that may interest the two of you for some major mom and me bonding time.

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Sports time

Another favorite of Life Without Pink blogger, Tina, is to go down to the tennis courts with her child and have a mean match against each other. She mentions that they both are far from being tennis pros "but it's such a fun day and we laugh a ton." Another sports date idea would include a day at the batting cages, golf range or basketball courts.

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