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Homeschool science scavenger hunt

Nothing excites children more than a good scavenger hunt, and spring is the perfect time for some outdoor fun that will offer a multitude of lessons.

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An outdoor scavenger hunt is the perfect hands-on activity to explore science and nature. The hunt can include the whole family or even be planned as a field trip for a homeschool group to do together in teams at a local state park. The hunt can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make it and should be customized to your surroundings and age group. While the list of items to be found may work for all ages, the lessons learned can be more in-depth for older children.

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Questions you could ask during study after the scavenger hunt:

  • What is the name of the substance that makes plants green?
  • Do plants make food in their stems, flowers, roots or leaves?
  • What do flowers produce?
  • What makes the leaves on a tree change color?
  • How do rocks form?
  • What is the difference between sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock and igneous rock?
  • What is the rock cycle?
  • What is the Earth made of?
  • What is a mineral?
  • How is sand made?
  • Why is soil important?

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Getting outside for some fresh air and vitamin D is always a good thing — and learning some great science lessons along the way is even better. You can further expand your scavenger hunt study with math, vocabulary, art and creative writing.

Tell us: What are some of your favorite outdoor homeschool lessons?

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