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Moms turn makeup duties over to husbands, kids

How about handing your makeup brushes over to your husband or kids? These moms did, and the results are definitely worth checking out.


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The Mommalogues moms were issued a challenge — let your husband do your makeup, and of course, submit the video for it. As you can imagine, the results were, shall we say, interesting. Can you imagine letting someone without makeup experience wield a mascara wand by your eyeballs?

Moms and their makeup

Putting on makeup is essential for some moms, and not a big deal for others. If you wear makeup, though, it becomes a tool for you, and handing over your makeup stash to someone who might not have a clue about its application is pretty brave, indeed. These videos of our Mommaloguers are as hilarious as you might expect.

Moms turn makeup duties over to husbands, kids

Audrey was “pleasantly surprised,” as you likely will be when you see her daring new look.

Kat was most impressed with how gently her man applied the makeup, which is totally important when someone is applying color around your eyes.

Danielle discovered that her 7-year-old son might not be ready for a career in makeup application as she prepares for her new career in the NFL.

Jenni’s husband wasn’t available to paint her face, so she turned her palette over to her 5-year-old and her 2-year-old. Adorable hilarity ensued.

Margo had an unexpected experience, as her husband prefers her with no makeup and with bangs swept aside. She braved the camera anyway, and we’re glad she did.

Are you ready to take the challenge and let your husband or kids have a go at doing your makeup?

Let’s see your husband do your makeup! >>

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