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DIY flower crowns

What better way to celebrate springtime than by transforming fresh spring flowers into a beautiful flower crown for your child?

Flower crown |

This May Day craft project is simple to make and beautiful to wear. Kids of any age will have fun gathering, cutting and taping the flowers to the crown, and your children will love celebrating the beauty of springtime by wearing their own handmade flower crowns.


  • Floral wire
  • Waterproof floral tape
  • Fresh flowers
  • Scissors



Start with floral wire

Flower crown | - step 1

Make a circle out of 2 pieces of floral wire and secure the edges together with the waterproof floral tape.


Gather fresh flowers

Flower crown | - step 2

Gather up some fresh flowers and trim them down so that they have a 1 inch long stem.


Tape on the flowers

Flower crown | - step 3

Use the waterproof floral tape to tape the flowers to the wire circle.


Work your way around

Flower crown | - step 4

Tape the flowers each on top of another, working your way around the circle.



Flower crown | - Final product

Keep adding flowers to the wire circle until the crown is completely filled in with flowers.

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