These Mother’s Day gifts will make her smile

Every mom is different, so why should they all get the same generic gift every year? From gift ideas for pregnant moms to Mother’s Day gifts for the latest trend-loving mamas, check the mommies off your list with our Mother’s Day gift guide.

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New moms

The Dozer

The dozer |

Every new mom can tell you what an exhausting job motherhood can be, so help her save her strength with The Dozer. The self-rocking, battery-operated new-mom essential will rock Baby’s car seat to give mommy’s arm a break and keep Baby happy. (DozerRocker, $30)

4 Moms Origami Stroller

Origami stroller |

One thing new moms need is an extra hand. Even when you cannot be there yourself, you can still deck her out with a self-closing and opening Origami stroller. With onboard cell phone charger, self-recharging generator, running lights, pathway lights and LCD dashboard, this has-it-all stroller will make her one of the only new moms around with a free hand. (4 Moms, $850)

Love you to the moon and back mommy necklace

Love you to the moon and back mommy necklace |

For a new mom there is nothing more precious than her bundle of joy, so melt her heart with a hand-stamped stainless steel necklace marked with her little one’s name. Adorned with a small moon charm and the phrase, ‘I love you to the moon and back,’ this mommy necklace is one she’s sure to love. (StampedFrosting, $30)

Postpartum doula

Mother with doula |

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The first few weeks of a newborn’s life is challenging and tiring, but a postpartum doula can lend a hand to give a new mom and her family the support she needs. From information on infant feeding to assistance with physical recovery from birth, postpartum doulas are available anywhere from a day or two to the first few weeks of a precious newborn’s life. (Postpartum Doulas, $15 to $50 per hour)

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Patricia Bridges’ yarn bowl

Patricia Bridges' Yarn bowl |

For grandmothers who are good with their hands, yarn bowls make the perfect gift for keeping balls of yarn from running away. (Uncommon Goods, $58)

Grandma’s sippy cup

Grandma's sippy cup |

Help Grandma keep the wine in her glass — and not on her shirt — with an ingenious sippy cup for more grownup beverages. (tidbitsboutique, $13)

Hammock swing chair

Hammock swing chair |

Grandpas aren’t the only ones who have earned a good rest. An outdoor swing like the Grand Caribbean Lounge Hammock Chair is the perfect spot to swing for a spell. With open weave wrappable comfort and a spreader bar that helps Grandma climb in and out with ease, the hanging hammock chair makes a relaxing Mother’s Day gift for grandmothers who love the outdoors. (, $60)

Custom photo scarf

Custom photo scarf |

Photo blankets, photo totes and photo shirts have all been customized to no end, but when you wrap your favorite nana in a customized photo scarf there will be no gift she’ll adore more. Simply choose your favorite photo of the grandkids, upload it into the preset tiled pattern, choose a background color and the grandkids will hug Grammy’s neck all year long. (Snapfish, $20)

Trendy moms

Diamond Candles

Diamond Candles |

Give the gift of relaxation and bling combined with the latest trend in surprise-inside gifts. Diamond Candles. As if the fact that they’re soy and smell oh-so-yummy wasn’t enough, in each full-sized candle there hides a real ring worth between $10 and $5,000. (Diamond Candles, $25)

Mini cross-body handbag

Mini Crossbody Handbag |

Although gigantic mom totes will never go out of style, this Mother’s Day the mini handbag is stealing the spotlight, like the Mossimo Supply Co. Mini Cross-Body Handbag. Just big enough to hold a cell phone, small wallet and lip color, these tiny accessories will make a big splash. (Target, $15)

Case-mate glimmer iPad case

iPad glimmer case |

Most trendy mamas sport a tablet or iPad, so give a gift that protects her most precious possession — besides her kids — like this shimmery glimmer iPad case. The chic design slips right over her tablet and turns it into an accessory that is sure to dazzle. (Case-mate, $25)


Serendipity |

The transparent trend of see-through shoes and bags is still going strong, so pick up a pair of pumps that leave a little unseen — or extra showing — like Chinese Laundry’s Serendipity. Any shoe with a clear vinyl side, upper or heel fits the bill when it comes to this shoe trend. (Chinese Laundry, $60)

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Healthy moms

Activyst gym bag

Activist gym bag |

You could give a health-conscious mom any old gym bag and she’d be happy you’re supporting her cause, but when you give an activyst gym bag, you’re supporting girls around the world, too. Funding girls’ sports around the world, the charitable organization takes proceeds from their product lines and enables more girls worldwide to be empowered by staying active and being healthy. (activyst, $138)

Blue Apron subscription

Blue Apron Subscription |

Fueled by the love of healthy, fresh foods, Blue Apron delivers all the ingredients and recipes for three healthy recipes per week. You just need to choose the vegetarian or meat and seafood option and whipping up a fresh feast is easy. (BlueApron, $10 and up per person/per meal)

Jawbone UP health tracker

Jawbone UP health tracker |

More than just a pretty piece of jewelry, the Jawbone UP is an innovative wristband that connects wirelessly to a smartphone or iPhone, allowing Mom to track her steps, calories burned and sleep patterns. (, $150)

Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent water bottle

Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle |

Every healthy mama knows you have to stay hydrated — so quench your mom’s thirst for good health with the Hydracoach. It’s the first of its kind that calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks how much you drink and motivates you to drink enough water daily. (Amazon, $24)

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