Teething products you can’t live without

Teething is no walk in the park, but you can help your little one gnaw away tooth pain with the latest teething rings and more. From finger-gripping teether spoons to fashionable chew beads, check out these top teething products you can’t live without.t

Gnawing necklace

Chewbeads | Sheknows.com

Since it’s likely that your bundle of joy will be gnawing on your jewelry anyway, take the safe and kid-friendly route with non-toxic Chewbeads necklaces and bracelets. Made of soft, durable and chemical-free silicone, you’ll love being adorned in the chic designs as much as your little one will love chewing on them. (Chewbeads.com, $15)

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Teething buddies

Teether Tops | Sheknows.com

Freezable, machine washable and BPA-free, these stay-put teethers strap to your little gnawer’s wrist without falling on the floor. The 100 percent cotton material is safe for babies of all ages as well as special needs children seeking tactile stimulation by mouthing objects. Teether Tops include two interchangeable teethers and a wrist strap. (TeetherTops.com, $10)

That teething vibe

First Years Massaging Action Teether | Sheknows.com

Combining the satisfaction of a textured, chewable star with the soothing vibrations whenever your kiddo bites down, this vibrating chew toy will be your knight in shining armor when your youngster is cutting teeth. “When both of my boys were in the throes of teething, the only teether that saved them (and me) was The First Years Massaging Action Teether,” shares Julie Rosenberg of PiddlePouch LLC. “The combination of soft texture, vibrating feel and appealing shape and color soothed them physically and emotionally.” (TheFirstYears.com, $10)

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Sweet Sophie

Sophie La Giraffe Teething Ring | Sheknows.com

There are two clear stances with this teething toy — you either swear by it or have never heard of Sophie la Girafe. So, if this BPA- and phthalate-free squeaky teether is new to you, you may be missing out on the cutest teething toy on the market — and she now comes in many forms, including a teething ring. “The team of moms and baby-lovers at Magic Cabin loves the Sophie Giraffe Teething Ring,” shares Sarah Parker of Magic Cabin. “The flexible, textured rubber rings are just what baby needs for sore gums, and the vanilla scent isn’t just pleasing, it means baby can easily identify and find Sophie when she’s needed.” (Toys R Us, $23)

For the little man

Moustachifier pacifier | Sheknows.com

The stress of parenting is a lot easier to tolerate when you know how to get a harmless laugh out of even the simplest of situations. With funny pacifiers like the Mustachifier, you can soothe your bundle of joy’s need to gum something up while getting your giggles out of the funny faces the binkies make your baby have. (Moustachifier.com, $10)

Save the fingers!

Sophie La Giraffe Teething Ring | Sheknows.com

Developed to mimic your tot’s favorite teething toy — his fingers — the Comotomo teether is made of 100 percent medical-grade silicone to make it durable, toxin-free and flexible. And, since they are resistant to heat, you can also sterilize them by boiling them or running them through the dishwasher. (Amazon, $7)

Gum this

Zoli Baby Gummy Sticks | Sheknows.com

With a soft, textured tip and an ergonomic handle, the Zoli Baby Gummy Sticks will soothe your baby’s gums as those teeth are trying to cut through. And, there’s no need to worry that your sweet pea will choke on the BPA- and phthalate-free teether — the anti-choke shield will keep your kiddo from inserting it into his mouth too far. (Diapers.com, $10)

Gnaw on this one

Boon GNAW | Sheknows.com

You won’t have to worry about this teether or your child’s snacks finding their way to the floor when it sits snuggly in the Boon Gnaw. Fashioned in a unique ‘U’ shape that is easy for young fingers to hold and using a finger trap-style design to hang on to snacks, this funky teether is also BPA-, phthalate- and PVC-free. (Amazon, $6)

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