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10 Dirty places that make moms glad they can’t see germs

Be glad that no one has invented germ-ray vision goggles yet. There are germs lurking everywhere, including these 10 places you likely encounter every day.

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Sometimes when it comes to germs, ignorance is bliss. There are plenty of places you encounter every day that are filled with germs, but you might not think about them. Here are 10 of the most common ones. Pass the hand sanitizer, please.


Soap dispensers

It makes sense, right? You push the button on the soap dispenser when your hands are dirty, so of course that’s going to leave the button dirty. Luckily you’re already washing your hands. Just be sure to do an especially good job of it.


TV remote

When was the last time you thought to clean the remote control for your TV? We’re going to guess it wasn’t recently. The worst offenders, of course, are the remote controls in hotel rooms. Change the channel at your own risk!


Anything on the playground

What can we say, kids are just germ factories, and toddlers have no sense of boundaries when it comes wiping their nose and then climbing the ladder to the slide.


Laundry basket

You might not think about it, but it’s important to give your laundry basket a good cleaning between loads. All of those sweaty workout clothes and bath towels can transfer germs quickly. If you use fabric laundry bags, just toss them in the washing machine along with your clothes.


Shopping cart handles

Who knows how many people’s hands a shopping cart sees in a day? And how many babies have drooled on them while their parents are shopping? Luckily, many stores have started offering cleaning wipes right next to the shopping carts. We’ll definitely be taking advantage of those.


Doctor’s office

This one really can’t be avoided — if you’re there, it’s likely you’re already sick. If you’re just visiting for a checkup, make sure you bring your own book or magazine. Those communal copies should be kept out of arm’s reach.


Restaurant menus

Even if they are in plastic sleeves and can be cleaned, we’re going to guess that washing menus is not a common practice at most restaurants. Our plan — handle with care.


Yoga mat

The best bet is to bring your own mat to the gym, but if you can’t, clean the studio’s provided mat thoroughly. You want to sweat out your own toxins, not absorb anyone else’s.


Airplane bathrooms

They are tiny, cramped and the air is constantly recirculated — of course airplane bathrooms are filled with germs. Now’s the time to be using a paper towel to open the door.


Makeup samples

Before you consider trying on that lipstick at the department store, think about if you really want to catch a cold or not. Even if you’re careful and use a cotton swab to test it, that doesn’t mean everyone else does.

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