Before baby, after baby: 10 Things that used to gross you out

May 1, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. ET

Most have a long list of what they won't do when they have kids — like lick their thumb to wipe something off their kid's face or use a booger sucker. The honest ones will tell you that once they did have kids, that list went right out the window.

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Snotty little faces

Karyn R., mom of two, says, "Snot running down kids' faces," used to totally gross her out. Two sons later, snot wasn't so bad after all. Especially in comparison to some other things...

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Baby blowouts

There is nothing like a newborn baby blowout. You know, the runny, mustardy kind that cannot be contained by even the most hardcore diaper. Even after you get that blowout mess all cleaned up, there are some yucky remnants that are just hard to get rid of. But Angie R. admits that not even "cleaning poop from under my acrylic nails after changing a horrific diaper blowout" grosses her out anymore. We've gotta hand it to her — that's love right there.


Cleaning your kids' faces with your own spit

Karyn R. also says she never thought she'd be the mom to lick her own thumb to wipe something off her baby's face. But guess what? Yup, she's totally done it.


Eating off your kids' plate

Before motherhood, Mary F., mom of two daughters, used to believe finishing someone else's food was a complete no-no. Not so much anymore. Mary says, "Ninety percent of my daily food intake consists of half-eaten food from my kids' plates." Hey, don't knock a dinner of cold mac 'n cheese and Goldfish crackers until you've tried it.


Go ahead and puke in my shirt

What's a little puke between a mom and her baby? Not a thing to mom Suprina B., who admits, "Once I got so tired of stripping and cleaning the bed linens so many times from vomit, that with the next wrenching, I just lifted up my shirt and let her vomit in my shirt bowl." Ummm, we just threw up a little in our mouths.


… Or in my hand

And if that's no big deal, what's the harm in letting your baby puke in your hands? Jennifer N., mom of three, says, "One time my daughter was sick and throwing up all night. She puked in her bed, my bed, on the couch and the carpet. There was literally no place else for her to throw up. When she started to gag yet again, I just held out my hands…"


Tasting your own breast milk

Remember the freak out Ross from Friends had about moms tasting their breast milk? We think he was being a serious baby. After all, like new mom Leslie A., who used to think tasting her own breast milk was kinda gross, says, "It is pretty much inevitable." True.

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Changing baby in public

I'll go ahead and admit that I used to be appalled when I saw someone changing a baby on a park bench or other not-so-private place — that's what restrooms are for, right? But that was before I traveled to Europe with my then 1-year-old son. There are no changing stations in European bathrooms. None. By the end of the trip, I had changed by baby on a restaurant booth in France, in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and even on an excursion tour bus. No shame, people. I have no shame.


Using the booger sucker

Alexa B., mom to a newborn son, says, "I swore I would never use that rubber ball booger sucker thing. They gave me one in the hospital and I threw it out immediately. But when my son got sick for the first time and his nose was so clogged with snot he could hardly breathe, I sent my husband running to the store for one. It was a lifesaver."

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Walking around with baby "goo" on your clothes

I never dressed super-fancy before motherhood but I promised myself I wouldn't resort to walking around in over-sized T-shirts and yoga pants when I became a mom. That is until I had a super-spitter-upper for baby No. 2. She spit up so much after every feeding that I used to wonder if she got any milk down at all. Even with a burp cloth handy, I always ended up with spit-up on my clothes — I would sometimes wipe spit-up off her face with my hand and redistribute it to my own outfit if I couldn't get to a cloth fast enough. So I stopped wearing my "nice" clothes and figured if my yoga pants got yucky, so be it.

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