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3 Reasons my son loves Easter

Easter is my son’s favorite holiday. I never would have suspected it. I would have thought he’d pick Halloween or Christmas or even his own birthday. Easter? Really?

After we talked about it though, it all made sense. Have you thought about secular Easter (spring equinox) traditions and how absolutely perfect for kids they are?


Easter art |

You get to decorate eggs. Not only do you get to decorate eggs, but you are supposed to decorate eggs. It’s messy. It’s fun.


Easter play |

Egg hunt. Part of Easter is hiding and finding stuff. It’s like a game! A game that you are supposed to play!


Easter candy |

After you successfully find a bunch of eggs, you then get to find an Easter basket. An Easter basket filled with candy! Candy that you can eat!

Art, play and candy? It’s the holy trinity for kids.

Amber Dusick |

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Amber Dusick is one of our SheKnows Experts Among Us. She is the author of the bestselling humor book Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. She writes and illustrates the blog Crappy Pictures where she captures the hilarious and frustrating things that happen in marriage and parenting. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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