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Pakistani baby names

If you’re looking for an attractive Pakistani baby name, look no further — these amazing names are perfect for your baby boy or girl.

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Pakistan, located in south Asia, is home to more than 182 million people. With English and Urdu as the two official languages, there are also many other languages spoken throughout the region. With a long history that dates back to the Stone Age, there is so much to love in Pakistan.

Parents have a treasure trove of inspirational sources to mine from when pondering what to name their babies. Pakistani baby names are often Arabic in origin, but moms and dads also look to Persian, Punjabi, Urdu and Hebrew names to find that perfect match.

Here are some of our favorite Pakistani baby names, along with their meanings. Whether your baby has Pakistani heritage or you’re looking for a unique name, these have a simple, yet exotic flair that makes them special.

Pakistani baby names for girls

  • Aansa: Powerful
  • Barina: Princess
  • Chanda: Of the moon
  • Durrah: Precious pearl
  • Eesha: She who lives
  • Farha: A happy occasion
  • Ghada: Delicate young girl
  • Haleema: Gentle, patient
  • Ibtihal: Supplication
  • Janan: Heart, soul
  • Kaina: Happening, event
  • Laima: Lucky
  • Madiha: Worthy of praise
  • Nur: Light
  • Omera: Inspirational
  • Pakiza: Pure
  • Qamra: Moon
  • Rania: Queen
  • Saeqa: Lightning
  • Talween: Colors

Pakistani baby names for boys

  • Aaban: Name of an angel
  • Badir: Moon, or moonlight
  • Dabbah: Lock of a door
  • Ehan: Full moon
  • Faizan: Grace, favor
  • Ghani: Rich
  • Haleel: True friend, companion
  • Ihzam: Active, caring
  • Javaid: Alive, always, ever
  • Khaldun: A famous Muslim philosopher
  • Liman: Bright, shining
  • Majid: Glorious
  • Nehrin: River
  • Omair: Problem solver
  • Parvaiz: Commendable
  • Qais: In love
  • Ramis: Respected
  • Salaar: Leader, commander
  • Tabeeb: Doctor

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