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How to support an active child on game days

Sports are more than shin guards and scrimmages. Your little athlete needs your support, in more ways than one.

Youth sports are a family event, even if your child is the only family member on the field. Learn what you need to do to help them succeed — or to support them when they don’t.

Know the benefits

Know the benefits |

Are you still trying to decide whether or not to sign your kiddo up for that sports team? There are a lot of reasons why it’s a good idea.

Find out the benefits of sports >>

Pick the right sport

Pick the right sport |

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Now that you’ve decided to let them play, help them decide which sport is the best fit.

Find out which sport is best for your child >>

Give it all you’ve got

Give it all you’ve got |

So your kid is an athlete. That makes you a team mom. Be the very best you can be. Your kids will thank for it, and you’ll be glad you put in the effort.

Find out what it takes to be an awesome team mom >>

Feed those athletes

Feed those athletes |

Photo credit: Motts

Team moms bring snacks. Trying to figure out what you can throw together? The right answer depends on which sport they play,

Check out what snacks are best for each sport >>

Quench their thirst

It’s so important to keep them hydrated when they’re active. One mom has a fruit juice she always relies on when it’s her turn to bring the snacks.

Find out which drink works best for athletes >>

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Quench their thirst |

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