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After school snack inspiration

The school day’s over and the kids are on their way home. What are you going to feed them?

When those kids walk through the door, they’re hungry. The after school snack is tricky. You want to curb their hunger, but you don’t want to spoil dinner, either.

Snack smart

Snack smart |

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They come home in need of a pick-me-up, so don’t load them with sugar and other things they don’t need. We talked to an expert to find out what the right after-school snack should look like.

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Make it fast

Make it fast |

So you don’t have much time. When do you, right? You’re in need of a great snack you can throw together quickly.

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Be sneaky

Kids tend to turn their noses up at the first mention of healthy food. Good thing we know how to sneak in the good stuff.

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Something up your sleeve

Have something up your sleeve |

Sometimes, the day just gets away from you. When that happens, be ready with a fast and easy recipe you can throw together.

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Don’t forget the rest

You might not know it from watching your kids wolf down their snack, but food isn’t the only thing that needs to happen when they get home. One blogger has after school figured out, and she’s sharing it with us.

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