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Your guide to an awesome play date

Create the perfect play date with a little planning — and a lot of fun.

Has spring fever hit your house yet? The best way to stop the grumpiness that comes with the slow countdown to summer is by adding a little extra fun to your free days. Banish the boring with a fun play date.

Make it fun

Make it fun |

Any time you get a group of kids together, you need to have a plan. If not, your home will be taken over by chaos in a matter of minutes. Try these fun crafts to keep the crazy contained.

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Feed the crowd

Feed the crowd |

No one’s happy when they’re hungry. Help the day go smoother by working in a snack time. We rounded up some of the best playdate snacks from bloggers to help you figure out what to feed them.

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Work ahead of time

Work ahead of time |

Photo credit: Carla’s Confections

OK, we get that it might be hard to create a fabulous snack while keeping track of all the littles in your home. Make your snacks ahead of time, so all you’ll have to do is grab it and serve.

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Don’t forget the drinks

Don’t forget the drinks |

Now that we’ve got food covered, it’s time to move on to the drinks. Smart moms know better than to load the kids up on sugary beverages.

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Learn from other moms

Does the idea of hosting a play date sound a little intimidating? One mom who loves them is ready to share how she makes them work.

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