Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas chats baby Addison and shares nursery photos

Bachelorette alum DeAnna Pappas is a new mom to an adorable girl named Addison. The reality star opened up to SheKnows about her happy life after the show with her husband Stephen and she even shared photos from her serene baby nursery. Also on the agenda? We got her thoughts on the controversial Bachelor Juan Pablo.

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So much has happened since the cute DeAnna Pappas was a finalist for Brad Womack’s final rose and proposal in 2007’s The Bachelor (he infamously turned down both Pappas and finalist Jenni Croft, as well). She went on to star in 2008’s The Bachelorette, where she gave her final rose to Jesse Csincsak. Although they called it off a few months later, Pappas found her real true love in Stephen Stagliano, and the couple has been married for two years.

Pappas and Stagliano just welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Addison Marie Stagliano, on Feb. 6 — and they couldn’t be happier.

Interview with DeAnna Pappas

SheKnows: What has surprised you the most about being a mom?

DeAnna Pappas: How well I am doing at being a mom and how much I love this baby. I mean, I knew it would be a lot of work and I knew I would love her but, I can’t even put into words how or what I feel. It’s crazy. She definitely owns every part of my entire heart. I stare at her for hours and smother her with kisses and could cry every time she smiles back at me. I never knew love could be this great! She is the best thing I have ever done with my life.

SK: I love the name Addison Marie! How did you choose the name?

DP: Stephen and I have loved the name Addison for years. We actually decided we would name our first girl Addison way before we were even thinking about getting pregnant. Her middle name, Marie, is passed down. It is my grandmother’s middle name, it was my mother’s, it is mine, and now it is passed down to my very own little girl. I want her to know my mom, her grandmother, even though she isn’t here anymore. How special to carry on her name?

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SK: Tell us about your baby nursery! What kind of theme were you going for?

DP: No theme necessarily, just a color scheme. I loved the idea of doing soft grey and soft pink. From there, we used Carousel Designs online nursery designer tool which made it easy and fun to customize the nursery. And just like that, we were done. We added a few antique pieces of furniture, a few decorations and some pictures and it was complete.

SK: What are some of your mommy must-haves?

DP: Diapers! For sure! Seriously, I can’t function without my Mabel’s Labels. I have them on everything. On the inside her Stride Rite shoes… which I can’t live without, I have them inside her drawers so Stephen knows where to put clothes after laundry is done, on her Joovy bottles… on everything! I also don’t leave the house without my Posh Mommy personalized necklace on. Very few things make me feel pretty right now with a few extra pounds to lose and my new big breasts… haha but, I love my necklace. It’s a bar necklace with Addison’s name engraved on it.

SK: Has your beauty routine changed since becoming a mom?

DP: A lot! My new beauty routine is… I’m lucky if I get to shower! Let alone dry my hair or put makeup on. Whereas I used to never leave the house without putting lotion and perfume on, now I never leave the house without putting nipple cream on. Gosh, how things have changed a little!

SK: What item gets the most use in your baby nursery?

DP: My [Newport Cottage] crib, my adorable Carousel Designs bedding, my Bobee Diaper & Wipe Dispenser, my 4Moms Mama Roo and my PooPoose changing pad. The changing pad is built with a belt so the baby doesn’t roll off. I love it! I seriously could not live without those items. I was not comfortable nursing from my bed so, Addison has slept in her crib from day one. I like to think she loves her bed and soft bedding… that’s why she sleeps so well.

DeAnna Pappas nursery interior |

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SK: What item gets used the least use in your baby nursery?

DP: Oh man, don’t think I have one single item that I don’t use every day. I’m very practical. I don’t keep a bunch of stuff laying around. If it doesn’t get used, I get rid of it.

SK: I know your mother died from breast cancer when you were a young child, so breast cancer awareness is close to your heart. What are your thoughts on Angelina Jolie’s decision to undergo a preventive mastectomy?

DP: More power to her! I admire her for making such a strong decision. Cancer is a nasty sickness. It’s something I worry about a lot. Good for her for making that decision so she no longer has to worry.

SK: Did you watch The Bachelor? What are your thoughts on Juan Pablo?

DP: I watched some of the show here and there. It was hard to watch with a newborn keeping me busy. I don’t know Juan Pablo but, hopefully he is happy. Only he and Nikki know what is real and what isn’t. When you go on the show, you put so much of your life out there for people to see. Hopefully now that it is over, he and Nikki can try to figure out what is real and what isn’t. Nikki seems lovely and Juan Pablo is lucky to have found a great girl like that on The Bachelor. Hopefully, they can make it work.

SK: Do you keep in touch with other Bachelorettes and have they given you any mommy advice?

DP: Yes! That’s one thing I’m thankful for is the friendships I’ve made and kept from the show. Molly Mesnick was an angel. She literally sent me email after email and texts galore with advice on pregnancy, birth, babies and products I need. She’s the one who talked me into getting my Orbit G2 series stroller. She said she couldn’t live without hers so, I got the same one and I love it. It’s so convenient.

Trista Sutter has been a wealth of knowledge also. I’ve called her and texted with a few late night, sleep-deprived questions since Addison’s arrival. People have helped me so much and I will be forever grateful.

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