4 Moms share their favorite Easter memories

Mar 27, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Need a laugh? Sometimes reality is funnier than fiction. Here, moms share their favorite Easter memories.

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Mommy killed the Easter Bunny

What happens when a giddy preschooler wakes up on Easter morning and finds her mom crouched in the grass wearing bunny ears, plastic Easter egg in hand? Naturally, she assumes her mom has killed the Easter Bunny and bagged his ears as her trophy. Blogger Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half tells this story of her devastating (yet hilarious) fifth Easter in the blog post The Year the Easter Bunny Died.

Show me the money

Ashley Torresala, mother of two-year-old Camille, remembers the year her older brother told their parents he was "too old" to hunt for eggs with his little sis. So what did her parents do that Easter? They filled all of the plastic eggs with money, of course. "It wasn't long into the hunt before Matt ran back inside to grab his basket. Touché."

Easter Bunny confusion

My mom, Phyllis Hughes, cracks up every time she remembers when my six-year-old son said he didn't think the Easter Bunny hid the eggs and his four-year-old little sister agreed, piping up, "Me neither. I think Santa hides the eggs." Mom of three Sonya Kim says her six-year-old daughter recently experienced similar Easter Bunny confusion, asking her mom if the Easter Bunny could see her like Santa could. "And if the Easter Bunny sees you being bad, will he not lay eggs for you?" she asked.

Scrambled eggs

My friend Pam Keith will never forget the time she sent her son Ian to preschool with hard-boiled eggs to color for Easter. When Ian came home with his dyed eggs, he eagerly asked if she'd make some egg salad. Excitement turned to disappointment when cracking open the eggs revealed they were nowhere near hard-boiled. Her son had come home with someone else's eggs — someone who had no clue how to boil eggs. When she told me the story, I had to fess up. I had guessed how long to boil the eggs, and my guess was not a good one. Pam gave me her foolproof recipe for hard-boiled eggs, and I haven't ruined a batch since.

Bonus: How to make carrot cake

One of our favorite Easter memories is delicious carrot cake. Watch this video to find out more!

Quick tip

Want to start a fun new Easter tradition? Fill plastic eggs with strips of paper highlighting special memories from the year. Get the details at 3decades3kids.

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