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7 Tips for a better Easter basket

You can’t go wrong with candy and trinkets, but when you’re ready to take your Easter baskets to the next level, add in some of these fun gifts. We promise your little ones won’t be disappointed.

Looking for some new ideas on how to fill those Easter baskets this year? Look no further. Sure, candy is a staple, but you want to add a little something extra, too. These clever gifts are fun for kids of all ages, and even better, they won’t clutter up your house. We also recommend adding in a book or two.


Grass-growing eggs

Grass growing eggs |

What better time than spring to teach your kids about how things grow? These little egg-shaped creatures grow rye grass in their ceramic bodies. Once the blades sprout, your kids can trim and style the little guy’s green “hair.” (Amazon, $13 for two) 


Card games

Card games |

The best thing about card games? They don’t take up a lot of space in your Easter basket (or your home), and they are fun for the whole family to play — especially if the weather doesn’t cooperate for outdoor activities on Easter afternoon. Our pick: Anomia, a game of speed and silly explanations and winner of the ASTRA Best Party Game Award. (The Learning Tree, $20) 


Shoe wings

Shoe wings |

Turn those new sneakers into kicks worthy of a superhero with these shiny shoe wings. We’re betting they’ll come in handy in gym class. (Perpetual Kid, $7) 


Craft projects

Craft Project |

Have a DIY-er in training in your family? Put a craft kit or materials for a project in the Easter basket. If there are any small supplies, you can hide them in Easter eggs. Just be sure to color code them if you have more than one child. Our pick: Creativity for Kids’ Make Your Own Kaleidoscope. (Faber Castell, $14)


Lindt gold bunny

Lindt gold bunny |

It wouldn’t be Easter without a chocolate bunny. You can’t go wrong with this decadent gold foil one. Choose from milk, dark or white chocolate. (Lindt, $8)


Fun room decor

Fun room decor |

If you want to give a practical gift that’s still fun, get your children something to decorate their room. Whether it’s a wall decal, new poster or night-light, it’ll be something fun they can put to good use. We’re obsessed with this gummy bear night-light. (Land of Nod, $29) 


Friendship bracelet kit

You’ll be amazed at the colorful designs and creations your kids will come up with. Plus, this kit — great for older kids — makes for a fun slumber party activity. (Perpetual Kid, $13) 

Make your own
Easter grass

There’s no need to buy a bag of Easter grass at the drugstore. Instead, put your paper shredder to work with some colored construction paper to make your own filling for the Easter baskets. Just be glad Easter falls after tax season this year.

Friendship bracelet kit |

Bonus video: “Hoppy” Easter bunny frame

This post was sponsored by Lindt.

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