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Billionaire baby names

Looking for a pricey baby name? No, these names won’t guarantee your baby will be a billionaire. But it doesn’t hurt to have a really cool, rich-sounding name to go on top of that resume.

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A billionaire baby name will not make your baby a billionaire, but sometimes the names of the richest folks in the world are pretty awesome — and unique. We didn’t include some of the more common billionaire baby names, like Michael and John, to give you a quality roundup of rich-sounding baby names.

Billionaire inspirations

We browsed the names of real-life billionaires for starters, and while some had names that sound wealthy, like Cargill, others sounded a little more down-to-earth, like Dirk. Some names were originally used for boys, like Whitney MacMillan’s parents did when he was born, but we think they would work better for your modern girl. And don’t despair — there are plenty of strong and powerful women represented in the billionaire department as well.

As for the other names, we chose monikers that have a “rich” feel to them. But we’re betting that by looking through this list, you may not be able to tell the true billionaire baby names from names that just have that sound.

Billionaire baby names for boys

Billionaire baby names for girls

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