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How Pinterest is changing your child’s education

Michael’s Favorite board

Why it rocks: “[This pinner] is constantly updating her board with the latest activities and resources for sixth grade,” Michael says.

Pinning for sixth-graders

Jamie Michael teaches sixth grade language arts and social studies. “Pinterest has changed how I teach by giving me more creativity activities to use without having to search forever to find them,” Michael says. “I can quickly type in what topic I am looking for and am bound to always find something I can use with my students.”

“The best thing about using Pinterest with middle-schoolers is that I can search a topic and no matter the grade level it is meant for I can usually find a way to tweak it to my age of learners,” she explains. “It is surprising how many ideas are out there that may be meant for younger students that can still be easily adapted to middle school.”

Michael’s Pinterest projects

Nonfiction strategy

“This was an interactive way to get students to think more closely about nonfiction texts,” Michael explains. “My students really enjoyed this activity, and I could tell they were comprehending what they were reading.” Find the pin here.

Reading material organization

“In this post, I show how I store reading materials in my classroom. Each student brought in their own cereal box to cut and use as a book holder. This helps keep my students organized and always prepared for class.” Find the pin here.

Bulletin board ideas

“[I got] a bulletin board idea from Pinterest,” Michael says. “It is an Instagram board that I used to have my students bring in pictures of themselves to share with the class. I loved this idea because my students love using Instagram and it was a great way to make them feel special in the classroom.” Find the pin here.

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