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5 Ways to get more time in your day

If you’re like us, you’re constantly on the go balancing family and work, only to find yourself always wishing for a bit more time. Consider us your time genie — we’re granting you more time in every day with these five time-saving hacks.

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Quit your Facebook obsession already!

How many times do you check Facebook every day? Instagram? Twitter? While you’re constantly jumping in and out of the abyss that is social media, you’re wasting time — even if you use social media as part of your marketing efforts for business. Organize your social media posts with a tool like HootSuite’s bulk scheduling feature. And, for the love, turn off your social media notifications so you don’t have your smartphone “alerting” you (and driving you crazy!) any time someone likes your post. Set aside a specific time each day (say 30 minutes at the beginning or end of each day) to catch up on all your social media efforts, and put your phone away during dinner or family game night. That way, you’re making the most of your time together instead of just going through the motions while constantly sneaking peeks at your phone.

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Don’t put off ’til tomorrow…

There are just some things you dread doing on the daily. Putting them off isn’t going to make them go away — you’ll just end up doing other things that aren’t really necessary (and wasting more time!) just because you’re avoiding what really needs to get done. When it comes to the things you don’t want to do, take care of them at the beginning of each day so they are done and over with. Then you can go about the more enjoyable parts of your day.


Stop running in circles

Do you stop by the market every day for groceries? Run to Target two or three times a week to pick up a few things here or there? By doing so, you’re not only wasting time but gas and your precious energy, too. Get in the habit of having a “meeting” with your partner every Sunday. Split up errands and chores based on your respective routes to and from work or the school drop-off. Make a list of all the things you need (and need to do) for the week and divide and conquer.Woman with grocery bags |

When it comes to the grocery list, do some research on meal ideas like casseroles that can serve as dinner for more than one night, or items that can be recreated for a totally different meal on the second night. Crock-pot or make-and-freeze meals are also convenient for busy families in which both parents work full time. Use a family-calendar app to organize your schedules so that you can condense the amount of time you spend running back and forth around town for kids’ sports games, ballet classes and other extracurricular activities.

Ordering online is another easy way to eliminate the constant cycle of running errands. From prescriptions and groceries to toilet paper and diapers, you can literally have anything delivered right to your door these days.


Ditch that toxic (so-called) friend

You know that woman you see at your kids’ school drop-off who is always over-sharing her personal dramas? She’s totally sucking up your valuable time. We’re not suggesting you ditch a best friend who happens to be going through a hard time and needs your advice. She deserves your time — but the lady who just needs to vent and doesn’t care whose time she’s wasting does not. When she starts to unload, simply interrupt her and tell her you have an important meeting you have to get to. No apologies, no excuses.

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Get organized

How much time do you spend looking for your keys in the morning or that important file at the office? A few minutes searching for “missing” items here and there can really add up to a big waste of time. Spend a few minutes getting your house (and your life) organized can save your whole family time — and frustration. Make a designated place for permissions and school paperwork that needs to signed and returned. Find a spot for shoes, like on a rack in the garage, so the kids don’t track as much dirt into the house and they know exactly where their shoes are when you are ready to leave the house. Finally, set a place for keys so that you’re not constantly digging through your purse looking for them.

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