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Recycled paper flower magnets

Turn trash into treasure while teaching your kids about being kind to planet Earth with this eco-friendly craft for kids. Using old magazines, glue and a magnet, your kids can create recycled paper flower magnets that will keep their bloom long after Earth Day.

Recycled flwoer magnets | - final product


  • Old magazines
  • 3 circle templates of varying sizes
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Pen
  • Small circles, buttons or glitter for the center of the flower
  • Round button magnets



Gather supplies

Recycled flwoer magnets | - supplies

First, find 3 objects that you can use as a circle template in small, medium and large sizes.


Trace and cut circles

Recycled flwoer magnets | - trace circles

Next, place your small object on a recycled magazine page and trace around the object with a pen. The more colorful the page the better.


Fold and cut

Recycled flwoer magnets | - Fold and cut

Now, fold the large circle in half, and then in quarters and hold it at the tip of the triangle you’ve formed. Try not to crease the folds if possible. Next, using your scissors cut out petal shapes along the rounded edge of your triangle, being mindful not to cut the pointed end. It may be helpful to sketch the petal shapes for kids to follow. Unfold and repeat with each of the remaining circles, using a similar pattern.


Repeat until you have 3 sizes

Recycled flwoer magnets | - Three sizes of cut outs

Then, repeat with the medium and large objects on a separate magazine page and cut out all 3.

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Layer from large to small

Recycled flwoer magnets | - arrange pices large to small

Once all 3 of your circles are cut into petal patterns, glue the medium circle to the center of the large circle. Then glue your small circle to the middle.


Add a center to your flower

Recycled flwoer magnets | - add flower center

Now, add a mini circle to the center of your small circle to create the center of your flower. You can also use a button, stick-on jewel or glitter instead.


Glue on the magnet

Recycled flwoer magnets | - glue magnet

Finally, glue a button magnet to the back of your recycled paper flower craft for kids and slightly crinkle the petals towards the face of the flower so they do not lay completely flat. Once dry these earth-friendly embellishments will be ready to adorn your fridge or memo board.

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