12 Adorable baby books your kids can read together

At that stage where it’s difficult to find books to please both Baby and Big Sis? We’ve rounded up some of the cutest reads that are easy enough for your older child to read, but engaging enough for your little one. Making memories starts at the turn of a page.



by Leslie Patricelli

Toot | Sheknows.com

Who isn’t amused by bodily functions? This bald baby certainly is. Kitty toots, fishy toots, doggy toots and even daddy and mommy toot. We think Toot is a hoot! (Amazon, $4)


Who Can Swim?
by Sebastien Braun

Who can swim? | Sheknows.com

Who is hiding underwater? Lift the flaps to find out! Have fun teaching your baby with this interactive guessing game book Who Can Swim? (Amazon, $6)


Daddy Wrong Legs
by Nina Laden

Daddy wrong legs | Sheknows.com

From frog legs to long legs, every dad is unique. Read along as your child mixes and matches Laden’s creative illustrations in this split page book Daddy Wrong Legs. (Amazon, $6)


You Are My Baby Garden
by Lorena Siminovich

You are my baby | Sheknows.com

Even birds and squirrels love their babies. Help your baby learn about garden creatures by matching baby animals to their parents with this colorful book from the You Are My Baby series. (Barnes & Noble, $8)


Can You Say It, Too? Woof! Woof! by Sebastian Braun

Woof! Woof! | Sheknows.com

What animals are hiding in the backyard? Have your baby lift the flaps to discover friendly creatures and learn what noises they make in Can You Say It Too? Woof! Woof! (Amazon, $8)


Bunny Boo Has Lost Her Teddy by Jannie Ho

Bunny boo | Sheknows.com

Bunny Boo Has Lost Her Teddy and doesn’t know what to do! Have your child pull the tabs in this cute book to help her find Teddy before she goes to bed. (Amazon, $7)


by Sandra Boynton

Doggies | Sheknows.com

Teach your child how to count with doggy friends in this cute counting and barking book. The comically illustrated book Doggies is sure to make readers of all ages smile. (Barnes & Noble, $5)


You Are My Cupcake
by Joyce Wan

You are my cupcake | Sheknows.com

Short but sweet, this read is filled with loving nicknames for your little one. Delectably and vibrantly illustrated, You Are My Cupcake is the perfect treat for you and your baby. (Barnes & Noble, $6)


by Amy Krouse

Spoon | Sheknows.com

This adorable book celebrates the differences of each person, or in this case, each utensil. Spoon is an engaging story filled with valuable life lessons on individuality. (Barnes & Noble, $13)


My Cat, My Dog
by Katrina Streza

My cat, My dog | Sheknows.com

This silly book compares two pets who seem to be great friends. The creative pictures in My Cat, My Dog are sure to make readers giggle. (Amazon, $7)


Pottytime for Chickies
by Janee Trasler

Pottytime for chickies | Sheknows.com

Potty time is fun with the cute chicks in the book Pottytime For Chickies. This is the perfect book for making potty training fun. (Amazon, $8)


Where’s Spot?
by Eric Hill

Where's spot? | Sheknows.com

Help find Spot the dog by searching under the flaps of this interactive book, Where’s Spot? your kids will love. (Amazon, $4)

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