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St. Patrick’s Day, in your lunchbox

Love packing a bento box for your kids? Take the everyday bento box to a new level for St. Patrick’s Day and have some fun!

Shamrock Bento |

When you’re little, holidays bring with them an opportunity to celebrate and have some fun. Imagine your child’s face when he opens his lunchbox and sees a sea of green waiting for him.

Over-the-rainbow bento

Over the rainbow bento |

Photo credit: Tinkerbean

We love that Melissa, from Tinkerbean, took things beyond green with her shamrock and rainbows bento box! We know that kids should eat the rainbow (nutrients galore), and with strawberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries and grapes, Melissa serves up just that.

Vegan bento treats

Vegan bento treats |

Photo credit: Veggie-Bento

No worries if your family has adopted a vegan lifestyle. Lise, from Veggie-Bento, created these adorable tea sandwiches from cucumbers and cream cheese. And let’s be honest — most of our kids have eaten their body weight in Goldfish crackers.

Apple of your eye

Apple of your eye |

Photo credit: Bent On Better Lunches

Cristi, from Bent On Better Lunches, rocks our world with her amazing bento box, filled with a carved Granny Smith apple, flag of Ireland yogurt pretzels with melted and colored white chocolate, shamrock-topped yogurt and more.

Little pot of gold

Little pot of gold |

Photo credit: Bento School Lunches

We love that Rina, from Bento School Lunches, doesn’t stop with just a healthy lunch. She takes it up a notch with super-cute embellishments like a tiny pot of gold that will bring a smile to any kid’s face!

Hummus in a new hue

Bentorific green apple hat |

Photo credit: Bentoriffic
Bentorific - green hummus |

We’re more than a little in love with the adorable hat that Sarah, from Bentoriffic, created from a Granny Smith apple. It just doesn’t get more fun than that! Also, who would have thought of tinting hummus to make it the perfect shamrock green? We’re wishing we had a few of those adorable shamrock-shaped containers she used in this bento box.

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