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Love your mom body

Becoming a mom changes your body in many ways. It also places a responsibility on you to help shape your kids’ self-esteem and body acceptance. Learn to love your mom body for your own happiness and your kids’ future.

Body acceptance doesn’t always come easy. As moms, we often struggle with our own body image while trying to model positivity and body acceptance for our children. Humor writer Brittany Gibbons is well known for her body image activism. She’s also a mom. “Parenthood is a game changer. You are forced to confront everything you feel insecure about in yourself, because it’s looking right back at you in your child. From that moment on, you are giving them the words to respect their bodies, and it all starts with respecting yours,” says Gibbons.

Try these resources as you practice positivity and learn to love your body.

Learn how to care for your pre-pregnancy body

Your body image affects your kids even before you get pregnant. Health and wellness are a crucial part of having a happy, healthy pregnancy. Use this timeline to prepare your body for pregnancy. As you prep your body for pregnancy, factor in fitness and a healthy diet. It’s not time to be concerned with losing weight, but a time to embrace feeling healthy and getting strong and fit.

Love your pregnant body

Pregnancy does a major number on your body. Whether you gain or lose weight, it changes the way you feel and the way you see yourself. Learn to love your pregnant body every step of the way. Even if you don’t feel like you’re glowing, know that you’re taking on a huge undertaking and a major accomplishment. From early signs of pregnancy to labor pains, your body is working hard. Give yourself some credit and be gentle with yourself.

Teach your kids about body acceptance

Body acceptance can be taught at a very young age. Not sure how to approach the subject with your daughter? Learn more about young girls and healthy body image. Ditch the fashion mags and try these 10 books to boost your daughter’s body image. Be prepared to have the “I’m fat” conversation even at a young age. When you think about how your body image affects your kids, don’t forget about boys and body image. Teens can be especially vulnerable when it comes to body image.

Embrace body confidence as a mother

Now that you’re a mom, body acceptance is more important than ever. By loving your own body and being confident, you can model positive body image. Think outside the box, like this mom who gave up shaving her legs. Love every extra stretch mark, saggy spot and bonus curve as you learn how to deal with your post-baby body. It’s not only important to your kids, it’s important to your own well-being and health. Dress the way that makes you feel confident. Embrace fitness that makes you feel good. Walk tall. You’re beautiful.

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