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St. Patrick’s Day activities and crafts for kids

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day, and there are so many ways to bring the holiday to life. Embrace all things green, lucky and Irish for a fun-filled family celebration. This St. Patrick’s Day, get the celebration started with your kids.

Red head with clover face paint |

We’ve put together a collection of our best crafts and activities for little ones. From delicious snacks to adorable projects, these family-friendly activities will have you feeling the luck of the Irish.

Get to know the man behind the holiday

March’s big holiday is much more than decorating with shamrocks and downing green beer. Educate yourself about the origins of St. Patrick’s Day before your kids pose the tough questions that you can’t answer.

Put little fingers to work

Preschoolers love to get their craft on! With a bit of help from Mom, Dad or an older sibling, your little one can create delightful St. Patrick’s Day crafts, like an adorable Blarney stone, a shamrock ornament or a colorful lucky mobile. Each project provides an opportunity to teach your child about how St. Patrick’s Day came to be.

Introduce school-age kids to St. Patrick

Most school-age children know when we have holidays, but they don’t always understand why we celebrate them. Take advantage of St. Patrick’s Day to teach your children about the Irish culture with a fun mini history lesson, cool crafts, easy holiday recipes and a renewed resolve to “go green.”

Give a whole new meaning to “green thumb”

Fingerprint art is such a fun way for kids to express themselves artistically. But even better, it’s a way to create a perfect keepsake of those precious little fingers that won’t always be so small. Delight your child’s grandparents and teachers with St. Patrick’s Day artwork featuring those tiny fingerprints.

Rainbow collage | Sheknows.comCreate leprechauns and rainbows

Fill your home with colorful (and wearable) art dedicated to classic St. Patrick’s Day symbols. Kids of all ages will enjoy making stamped shamrocks, beaded rainbows and three-dimensional collages.

Throw a party in St. Patrick’s honor

Parties are fun. Parties with a holiday theme are fab. And parties that are already planned for you are the best! We’ve lined up all the crafts, games and entertainment you need to throw a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day party for your kids and their friends.

Take the party to school

The luckiest moms get to bring classroom snacks for St. Patrick’s Day! Forget the common cupcake and thrill your child’s classmates with a treat that really pays tribute to the holiday. And remember — the greener, the better for this holiday.

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