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Whiskey-inspired baby names

Whiskey bottles, believe it or not, actually have plenty of baby name inspiration printed right on their labels. Check out how many names we were able to come up with just by looking at a few!

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Looking for baby names can lead moms and dads to think outside the box, as traditional methods of finding the perfect moniker can come up empty. But if you know anyone who likes to have a shot of whiskey every now and then, you might be familiar with some whiskey brand names, such as Evan Williams, Jack Daniel and Jim Beam — great names, right? Well, it doesn’t stop with these three that are a little more well known.

Straight from the source

These baby names come from distillery names and the brands they represent. In some cases, we were able to draw inspiration from more than one name in a brand, such as Elijah Craig. And in other cases, we knocked off a final “s,” such as in the case of Evan Williams and T.W. Samuels.

Most of the names included here are boy names, but there are a few girl ones in there as well, such as Rose and Harper. Many names are traditional and familiar, as these brands are often named after the men who were responsible for their creation, but others are a little off the beaten track, like Brooks and Rowan.

Whether you care for whiskey or not, you can’t deny that there are some pretty fabulous baby names represented amongst bottles that line shelves in homes. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite too.

Whiskey-inspired baby names

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