Baby names that start with A

Mar 19, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Boy and girl baby names that start with the letter A are excellent choices for moms and dads. From classic choices like Anna and Andrew to quirky monikers like Arya and Abram, these baby names will certainly appear on your baby name list.

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Names that start with A can help create a really lovely, flowing baby name. There have been plenty of choices over the last hundred years, and while some names are always popular, like Andrew, others that were popular in the past are coming back into vogue, like Atticus. And still more A baby names pop up each year and shoot to the top of the popularity lists, such as we’ve seen with the name Aiden over the last half decade or so.

If you're wondering what types of middle names would go well with these choices, just about anything goes, but you do have to watch out for poor initial matchups. For example, if your last name is Smith, don't name your daughter Audrey Selene. Otherwise, the sky is the limit.

These baby names have a little bit of everything — unusual names that don’t get a lot of play, some classic favorites that would really suit a new baby and some trendier options that are all the rage right now. Which ones are your faves?

Classic boy names starting with A

Classic girl names starting with A

Modern boy names starting with A

Modern girl names starting with A

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