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Worst celebrity baby names 2013

Celebrities are notorious for giving their children weird baby names — and several famous parents of 2013 proved to be no exception. What do you think of our picks for the worst?

The worst of 2013
Kim Kardashian with North West |

We wait with bated breath for pregnant celebrities to reveal their baby names, and we can always count on them to come up with something strange. Here are the worst of the worst for 2013.

The worst celebrity girl names of 2013

  • Cricket Pearl — Busy Philipps is busy competing with herself for the most unusual baby name… her first daughter is Birdie Leigh.
  • Doona Isla — Doona is the second child for Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard, who also has a son named Blaise Ray.
  • Elsie Marigold — Elsie joins big sister Ella Betsi Janet in the home of Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd.
  • North — Some might think it’s clever that Kim Kardashian paired the name North with fiancé Kanye West’s surname, but the rest of us are less impressed.

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  • Penna Mae — Ian Ziering named his first daughter, Mia Loren, after his late mother. Perhaps he named this child (who shares a birthday with big sis) after his favorite pasta dish?
  • Rainbow Aurora — In all fairness, we really weren’t expecting a classic baby name from former Playmate Holly Madison. Chef Jamie Oliver named one of his brood Petal Blossom Rainbow, and Ving Rhames concocted his own spelling with his baby name, Reignbeau.
  • Scout Margery — We weren’t all that keen on the when Bruce and Demi named one of their daughters Scout. Pairing it with an old-fashioned middle name — like Kerri Walsh Jennings did — doesn’t improve it.

The worst celebrity boy names of 2013

  • Axl Jack — It’s pretty obvious that Fergie and Josh Duhamel are grooming their first-born for the music industry.
  • Daxel Vaughn — Lisa D’Amato plans to call her first son by his nickname, Dax.
  • Felix Chang — Hugh Grant and baby mama Tinglan Hong named their daughter Xiao Xi, but their son’s name doesn’t really fit the mix.
  • Phaedra Bloom Forever — Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof seems to be taking out her own name woes on her sons, Phaedra and his elder brother Astala Dylan Willow.
  • Rekker Radley — Cam Gigandet definitely has a flair for the unique. His first child is named Everleigh Rae.
  • Shooter Sandhed Julian, Jr. — We get that the Julian Jr. part is inspired by filmmaker dad Julian Schnabel’s name, but Shooter Sandhed? Siblings include Lola, Stella, Vito, and twins Cy and Olmo.
  • Xano William — Australian actor Jason Gann jumped on the X name bandwagon with his own creation.

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