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Packing outdoor-friendly snacks

“Mom, we’re hungry!” Whether you are at soccer practice, on a picnic or hanging at the pool with friends, it is only a matter of time before the kids’ tummies start rumbling. Keep them happy and satisfied with these healthy and yummy outdoor-friendly snacks that are kid (and mom!) approved.

Family picnic

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Outdoor snacks should be casual, portable and no-fuss! Keep your pantry and fridge stocked with these easy snacks that are not only healthy, but easy to eat when you are on-the-go.


Tummy-filler snacks

Unless you are planning on toting a cooler along, avoid perishable snacks. Popcorn is a great outdoor snack, but amp it up a bit by adding some mix-ins, such as dried cranberries, walnuts, almonds, dried mango or dark chocolate chips. Pack it up in individual baggies or in a plastic bin.

peanut and granola bars

Granola bars are always a hit with the kids. Forgo the preservatives and artificial ingredients by making your own bars that contain ingredients you can actually pronounce. We love this recipe for peanut and granola bars that contain simple ingredients like oats and brown sugar. Make them portable by packing them individually in baggies.

Good ol’ PB & J sandwiches keep well outside, as do snacks like pretzels and trail mix. Beef jerky is a great snack to have on hand because not only is it easy to pack, but it is chock-full of protein. Impress your friends by making your own with our “Best Beef Jerky Recipe in the World.”


Outdoor-friendly drinks

 Mott's Wild Grape Surge

Kids will be more apt to drink more and stay hydrated if you pack a beverage with a little flavor. Many sports drinks and colas have chemicals and artificial colors, which is why juice is always a great option.

Mott’s 8-ounce juice bottles are lightweight and are the perfect size to throw in your bag. Look for the 100 percent apple juice, which is always a kid favorite, as well as the new Mott’s Juice Drink options including Fruit Punch Rush, Wild Grape Surge and Strawberry Boom. These new flavors are mom-approved (no artificial sweeteners and a full serving of fruit per cup!) and their bold flavor make them kid-approved as well!


Fruit and veggies

Make some fruit kabobs with strawberries, pineapple and grapes and pack them in a plastic bin and hand them out for a quick pick-me-up (no plates needed!)


Throw in a package of baby carrots, as well as baggies of chopped bell peppers and cucumbers. Raw veggies are perfect for outdoor fun because they have a satisfying crunch. You can also include a container of hummus as a dip for the veggies.


Something sweet

 Snickers caramel cheesecake cookies

To satisfy that sweet tooth while out with the family, yogurt pretzels have that perfect sweet and salty combination. If you are really feeling decadent, whip up some Snickers caramel cheesecake cookies and pack them in a cookie tin — and be prepared to hand out this recipe to friends!


Make it a picnic

Make your menu even more special by breaking out your picnic basket and packing it full of favorites. A picnic can make even a regular trip to the park an extra-special memory.

This post was sponsored by Mott’s.

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