Best math apps for kids

Mar 7, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Flash cards to learn multiplication are so 10 years ago! Your child may actually enjoy learning math concepts including addition, subtraction, division, algebra and counting money with these must-have apps for kids.

High tech flash cards
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Save your money on expensive school tutors and help your child master basic and advanced skills with these cool math apps for kids. Most kids love technology and these interactive apps for Android, iPhone and iPad devices actually make learning fun — which means less nagging from you!

Best math apps for younger kids

Help your younger child grasp those first math concepts of number recognition, addition and subtraction.


Kids Academy 123 Tracing Lite

Kids academy 123 tracing lite |

(Free or HD ($2.99); Available for Android, iPhone and iPad)

This math app is perfect for your younger pre-k, preschool or kindergarten child who is learning to recognize and write numbers. Your child will love tracing the numbers on the screen, as well as learning the numbers with fun games including flash cards and memory games. The kid-friendly navigation allows them to use this app independently.


Preschool Lunchbox

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($1.99, Available for Android, iPhone and iPad)

This fun math game is one of my kids’ favorites — and other kids must love it too as it has over 100,000 downloads! Geared towards kids age 2 to 5, it features six educational games that teach them a variety of early math skills, including counting, matching, pattern recognition, shapes and even colors. Kids love earning the animated stickers as they get the correct answers and the menu are easy for kids to navigate.


Kids Math

Wee kids math |

($1.99; Available for Android, iPhone, iPad)

The bright colors, interactive games and cool sounds make this perfect for younger kids just starting to learn addition and subtraction. This game will grow with your child as it has several levels of difficulty and also introduces more advanced concepts, such as division and algebra. Your child just might forget they are learning math skills as they have fun solving math concepts as they visit the colorful planets, head to the South Pole and count colorful ships.

Best math apps for older kids


Math Workout
Brain Training

Math workout |

(Free; Available for Android, iPhone, iPad)

This math app has over 5 million downloads making it one of the most popular math apps for people of all ages. It features math drills and daily “brain training exercises,” as well as charts to track your progress. If you want the version without ads, you can upgrade to the pro-version for $1.99.


Math Practice
Flash Cards

Math practice flash cards |

(Free; Available for Android, iPhone, iPad)

For those who love the concept of flash cards, but want a high tech version, this app is perfect (and no more fumbling with or misplacing cards!). This is a great way to memorize multiplication, as well as learning addition, subtraction and division. Kids can practice taking quizzes and you can even customize answers to be multiple choice or the answers can be entered in a numeric keypad.


Mathly Hallows

Mathly hallows |

($1.99; Available for iPhone and iPad)

Kids will have fun learning addition, subtraction, division, multiplication (or a mixture of all four!) as they answer questions and blast off monsters to save Mathly Hallows. You can control the speed based on their math levels and check out what your child needs to work on the parent page, which includes progress reports.


Math Friendzy

Math friendzy |

(Free; Available for Android, iPhone, iPad)

This math app is great because it is customized for your grade level (for grades 1-12) and it helps you learn the skills specific for that grade, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, decimals and negative numbers. Kids also love the fact that they can test their skills with players from around the world — or even with friends!


The Fun Way to Learn Algebra

Fun way to learn algebra |

(Free; Available on Android, iPhone and iPad)

If your child is having trouble grasping the concept of algebra, perhaps this app will give them the hands-on help they need. The app explains algebra with lessons and physical game pieces to help them visualize and master this topic.


Freefall Money: Coin

Freefall money |

(Free; Available for Android, iPhone and iPad)

Counting money can be a difficult concept for kids, but this hands-on app makes it fun! Kids practice learning the vales of each coin, as well as how to count it as they fill their “fish tank” with new fish. This app can be used with both U.S. money and Euro coins.


Einstein Math Academy

Einstein math academy |

(Free or $0.99 without ads; Available for Android, iPhone and iPad)

This is a great way for your child to look at math in a new and exciting way. You first pick the grade of your child to help customize the game for your child’s skill level. You then pick an equation that works and earn points as you master each skill Warning: it is addicting!

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