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Baby names that start with J

If you are set on finding a baby name that begins with the letter J, then we have the perfect list for you.

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Most popular J names for girls

The highest-rated J baby names for girls run the gamut from traditional to trendy. These names hold the top 10 “J” spots on the Social Security Administration’s most recent list of popular baby names:

Most popular J names for boys

J baby names are far more popular for boys than girls — among the top 2,000 baby names, there are 106 boy names and 73 girl names that start with J. These are the currently the most popular J names for boys:

Classic old-time J names for boys and girls

Baby name data has been tracked in the U.S. since the late 1800s. If we take a look at the J names that were popular then, we find these favorite classics:

For girls: Jane, Josie, Johanna, Jean, Jeanette, Juanita, Jannie, Jettie, Judith, Joan

For boys: Jesse, Jerry, Jay, Jasper, Jeff, Jeremiah, Judge, Jones, Jodie, Johnson

Go back even farther, to ancient times, and you’ll find spectacular names such as JestinaJulius, Juno and Justus.

Up-and-coming J names for girls

If you’re searching for something more contemporary, consider one of these J names. They feature modern spellings that you can customize to your liking.

  • Jaelyn
  • Jakayla
  • Jaliyah
  • Janessa
  • Jazlyn

Up-and-coming J names for boys

This group of names — all found on the Social Security Administration’s most recent list of popular baby names — boasts some real standouts. These J monikers are perfect if you’re looking for a name that will stand out among the others:

  • Jamarion
  • Jamir
  • Javon
  • Jaxton
  • Jensen

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