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Unique new trend: Baby teeth jewelry

Breast milk jewelry is so last week. The hot new trend among parents is having their kids’ baby teeth turned into keepsake jewelry. Say what?!

Baby Molar bracelet |

Sure it’s no stranger — in my opinion slightly less weird, actually — than having your own breast milk turned into a pendant (yeah, that’s a thing, too).

But do we really need to wear our kids’ baby teeth around our necks or wrists in the name of a fashion statement? I’m not convinced. However, I may be in the minority. Etsy has no shortage of shops offering baby teeth jewelry options.

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Where to get your baby’s teeth turned into jewelry

Rock my world pendant |

Rock My World offers this “one of a kind” sterling silver baby molar tooth necklace. You provide your baby’s real molar and the shop casts it in sterling silver, turns it into a pendant and hangs it on a sterling silver chain — all for a cool $75.

Toots and Otis bracelet |

Toots and Otis, another Etsy shop, offers this baby tooth charm bracelet in brass, sterling silver or gold options. You get your kids’ baby tooth, plus this lovely custom keepsake back in return for $100 — oh, wait, that’s the starting price for a brass option. The 18K option will cost you close to $300!

More baby teeth jewelry on Etsy

Baby teeth jewelry collage |

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Saving baby teeth

Parents have long been saving their kids’ baby teeth in some fashion, whether, like me, they tuck them into a plastic baggie into our top drawers with our underthings, or they preserve them in a more sophisticated fashion. After all, losing the first baby teeth is quite a milestone in a young one’s life (as well as significant for his parents as they realize their babies are growing up). Perhaps having our kids’ baby teeth turned into jewelry is no different than displaying their first footprints in plaster or ink and framing them to hang in their nurseries. Somehow turning the teeth into jewelry to then show off at our next moms’ night out is a bit more macabre for me.

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I’m just as sentimental as the next mom — maybe more — but you won’t find me sporting my kids’ baby teeth on a chain around my neck. I think this trend is definitely unique and I totally get the keepsake aspect of it. But what happened to the good old days when we simply cast our kids’ first baby shoes in bronze? I think I’ll continue to keep my kids’ baby teeth in a plastic baggie tucked away in my top drawer, thank you very much.

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