6 Fun geography adventures for homeschoolers

Geography is one of those subjects that can be taught and learned using many different hands-on lessons and games. Learning about countries, people and cultures from around the world is not only important but can also be fun.

Homeschooling geography
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Here are six out-of-the-box ways to teach geography — and make it fun.


Flat Stanley

Since it’s not possible for us to travel the world learning about different people and places a Flat Stanley (or Stella) is your best bet. This project is adapted from the book by Jeff Brown, about a flat paper boy who travels the world and has many adventures along the way. You can use this template to create your own Flat Stanley and get fellow homeschool families from around the world to join in the fun. You can find plenty of homeschoolers to participate on The Homeschool Lounge Flat Stanley group.


Road trip

Geography isn’t just about places on a map — it’s about the people, culture, history and landscape of those places. Every vacation or travel story provides an opportunity to become fully immersed in the culture, geography and history of the places you are visiting. Go to the library and load up on books, maps and resources about places you will be vacationing to. Road trips are a great example of the perfect hands-on geography lesson.


Interactive Adventures

Interactive Adventures allows children to explore the world and discover new places with geography games from National Geographic Kids magazine.


LEGO bricks

Use the toys, movies, maps and resources you have at home to create fun, interactive geography lessons. LEGO often come with toys from different time periods. Amy at Milk and Cookies shares how she turns LEGO bricks and a map into a fun academic lesson for her son.


Hands-on lessons

JumpStart geography lesson plans offer a great way to make geography fun and interesting for kids with out-of-the-box ideas and hands-on lessons.


Game night

Try the “globe challenge” on your next family game night. Take turns naming a place on the globe with predetermined places written on pieces of paper that family members can pull from a jar. Set a timer and see if the player can find it before time runs out. Players can offer hints as needed and each player gets three hints per try.

Another fun way to learn about geography is to get to know the people living in other countries via a postcard swap with pen pals from around the world. Buy a wall map and let your kids mark the spots each postcard comes from.

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