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15 Crafts you can print for tonight

Whether you’re in a pinch for a last-minute kids’ activity or you just want to spend some craft time with your wee one, online printables can help you whip up fun in an instant. There are thousands available on the web, but we tracked down some of the best to make the most of your free time.


The LEGO Movie activity book

The Lego Movie Activity Book

Assembling Feb. 7, The LEGO® Movie is bound to be on your child’s mind. In anticipation of the film’s release, you can color, puzzle and game your way through The LEGO® Movie activity book. Jam-packed with word-search games, crossword puzzles, coloring pages, word scrambles and more, this printable has endless brainteasers that are sure to keep your little guy or gal occupied.


Chevron printable monogram

Chevron monogram printable

Have an old frame you want to spruce up? For Chic Sake offers just the solution — a chevron printable monogram that’s available in tons of fun colors! Ask your child what her favorite color is, then add her initials and print the monogram to fit in a frame. For extra fun, decorate the frame with bubble paint.


DIY shadow puppets

DIY shadow puppets

All you need is a printer, scissors and a few straws! These printout shadow puppets by Handmade Charlotte are great for sprucing up a sleepover or campout.


Papercraft skull with movable jaw

Papercraft skull with moveable jaw

It’s 3-D art straight out of your printer (some assembly required.) Great for Halloween or birthday parties, this skull printout by Skull-A-Day is sure to get bones rattling.


Rocket craft

Add a bit of flying fun to your evening with this rocket craft from Amanda’s Parties TO GO! It only takes a few minutes and short list of supplies. The best part? When you’re all done blasting your rockets into space, you can eat the Rolo’s inside for dessert.


Circus finger puppets

Circus finger puppets

These stress-free finger puppets by Aunt Annie’s Crafts can entertain children and toddlers in an instant. Print them off and color them with your child, then tape them around your fingers for a rousing good time filled with imagination.


Paper dolls

Paper dolls

You might not have a 3-D printer, so that rules out printing Barbies. However, paper dolls are still a ton of fun. You can cut out these vintage-inspired versions from Sugarsticks Parties, and your kids can play with them for hours.


Balloon printables

Balloon printables

Print these hot-air-balloon papercrafts by I Am Momma Hear Me Roar and go up, up and away! Assemble these for the perfect baby mobile or just hang them from the ceiling during a child’s birthday party.


Fairy flower crown

Fairy flower crown

Your little fairy deserves a crown! This printable template from Spoonful comes with colorful “flowers” that you can attach to a string for a nature-inspired look.


Origami cat

Origami cat

Bring this little origami kitty from Tammy Yee to life! If your child is a bigger fan of another animal, this blog has hundreds of animals to choose from.


Valentine’s Day heart envelopes

Valentine's Day heart envelopes

If you’re down to the last minute on Valentine’s Day, Forty Weeks and Then Some has you covered. Mommy G has several printable sheets of paper that you can fold into spiffy heart envelopes for your loved ones.


Origami leaf

Origami leaf

You can frame these pretty paper leaves by Bloomize or just leave (no pun intended) them out for all to see at a party. Print them out in many different colors for the best effect.


Paper notebooks

Paper notebooks

Print off your favorite patterns and form them into cute little notepads by A Glimpse Inside. They’re perfect for jotting down numbers by the phone or keeping in your pocket.


Printable candy box

Printable candy box

Send your child’s party guests home with a few sweets without ever heading to the party store. These printable candy boxes by Melissa Esplin make adorable party favors.


Origami bookmarks

Origami bookmarks

Make sure you save the right place in that nighttime storybook. This double-sided bookmark by Born in ’82 makes sure you never lose a page.


Check out these adorable Valentine’s Day cards from
The LEGO® Movie.

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