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Real moms share: This is why we homeschool

Homeschooling isn’t for everyone — but public schooling isn’t for everyone, either. Here’s why some moms chose to keep their kids out of the public classroom.

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Are you thinking about homeschooling? What about educating your kids at home appeals to you the most? What is it about public schools that you don’t care for? We asked a few moms why they prefer to keep their kiddos at home and control their education instead of sending them out to fare in the public school system.


Homeschooling allows parents true freedom to teach their kids not only what they need to know, but what they want to know. Kelly from Texas said, “For us it allows more freedom in our education choices. I’d like my children to be able to pursue their passions full-time when they find them. I also have more control on what they are exposed to and when. I think that, no matter how great a teacher is or how hard they try, they are bound by too many constraints in the classroom — large class sizes, standardized testing and endless record keeping. It’s hard then for that teacher to be able to differentiate their instruction for more than the median-performing kids. All in all, for us it comes down to this — I am able to give my kids a very personalized education while providing them with many varied social activities. So, as long as I remain in a position to be able to do this, I’ll take full advantage.”

Fits our family

Some children thrive when given one-on-one attention, and that is really hard to come by in a standard, mainstream classroom. By homeschooling, parents can educate their kids with their own strengths in mind, instead of trying to fit a child’s unique learning patterns into a mold that every child is expected to be in. “Homeschooling fits our family,” said Heather from Missouri. “My daughter is by nature very shy, and she was having problems keeping up because of that. She’s 11 now, and this is our first year of homeschooling. She takes it very seriously, and she transitioned and is doing great!”

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The Common Core State Standards Initiative details what kindergarten through 12th grade students should know as far as math and English language arts at the end of each school year. This means that kids are taught the same things to ensure that there is a consistent standard of education at all schools. However, not all kids learn the same way, and the stress on kids and the mandatory testing it entails is enough for some parents to keep their kids at home. As Leah from Massachusetts said when asked why she homeschools her daughter: “Two words. Common Core.”

One size doesn’t fit all

Overall, moms like the fact that homeschooling is as individual and personal as each family that chooses to take the reins and educate at home. Allowing for individual expression and no need to teach “to” a standardized test, they’ve decided to keep schooling at home, where they can control what their kids are learning.

Tell us:

If you homeschool, why do you make that choice? If you don’t, would you ever consider it?

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