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“Chews me!” campaign board

The next time your child decides to throw their hat in the ring for student council elections, don’t fret about making the dreaded campaign signs. Follow these simple steps and your child will be on their way to total world domination in no time! Keeping a few simple supplies in your craft arsenal is the key to being prepared for any last-minute craft projects.

 gum-themed student council poster

When your child is running for a student council office, one of the most important parts in designing the campaign signs is focusing on standing out from the crowd. This “Chews me!” gum-themed sign definitely fits the bill. Even if you choose a different concept, you can still follow the basic steps to help your child make eye-catching campaign-winning displays.

 gum-themed student council poster: supplies


  • Elmer’s 16 x 20-inch Foam Board — go for the multi-pack if you’re making multiple signs
  • Elmer’s Board Mate Extra Strength Gluestick
  • Card stock in various shades of pink and black
  • Pre-cut letters in various shapes/colors/sizes — optional
  • Small pink water balloons
  • Bubble gum
  • 8 x 10-inch picture of candidate, blowing a bubble with the bubble gum
  • Patterned scrapbooking paper or thick wrapping paper
  • Ruler, pencil, scissors, tape, craft knife and cutting mat

Organizing your letters

Create your letters

Save yourself the time of cutting out all your letters and grab one or two Elmer’s Board Mate Letter and Number Packs in various colors and sizes. The pre-cut letters save you tons of time (and paper cuts!).


Campaign photo shoot

Campaign photo-shoot

When you take the photo for your sign, be sure your child is wearing a brightly colored shirt that coordinates with the colors being used on the board. Take the photo in a well-lit area with a plain background so that your subject stands out in the picture. Make sure your candidate’s face fills up most of the frame. Bubble blowing tip: big bubbles require more than one piece of gum, and huge bubbles are blown easiest with gum that has been chewed for a while. Be patient, take a lot of pictures and hopefully you’ll get at least one election-winning shot! Once you have a snapshot you’re satisfied with, either have your photo professionally printed at 8 x 10 inches or print it on 8 x 10-inch photo paper from your computer.


Plan the layout

Plan the layout

Cut accent pieces out of black card stock: 1 photo frame measuring 8.5 x 10.5 inches and two black strips measuring 1 x 8.5 inches. Then cut a strip of the patterned paper measuring 5 x 16 inches. Using the Elmer’s Board Mate® Extra Strength Gluestick, center and glue the picture to the black card stock frame. Glue the strips together, end-to-end, overlapping so that the finished piece measures 1 x 16 inches.

Plan the layout

Before you glue anything into place, lay out your pieces to get the spacing just right. It’s easiest if you place the center items first and work out from there. The patterned paper should be placed approximately in the middle of the board. The photo should be centered on top of the paper. Then your child’s name and office they’re running for goes along the top and bottom of the picture. The black bar should be placed about an inch from the top of the board with the letters running off-center to the left a little to leave room for the balloon. Place “for student council” centered along the bottom edge before placing “CHEWS” ME centered above it.


Put it all together

Put it all together

Once you’re satisfied with the layout, carefully pick up one element at a time and glue into place until everything has been secured. Inflate and glue the balloon in place.

This post was sponsored by Elmer’s.

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