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9 Projects for kids who like to build

Help your child’s imagination take flight with these fun and creative building crafts, from sculpting using paper strips to building monster feet out of tin cans.


Sculpting with paper strips

Sculpting with paper strips

This craft is perfect for kids who like to build since it allows them to create something new with every project. All you need for this paper-strip project is strips of heavy paper, tape or hot glue, and a base of some kind — such as cardboard or a piece of Styrofoam.


Clay house

Clay house

Help your kids create a world with modeling clay. This clay-house project allows your child to build a work of art, expressing her creativity as she builds little tables, chairs, beds and even rugs.


Tin can monster feet

Tin can monster feet

This adorable craft has kids building monster feet using tin cans, paint, faux fur and a hot glue gun. This craft is ideal for kids ages 6-8, but kids of all ages will enjoy playing with the feet when they’re finished.


Molecule craft

Molecule craft

Any kid who loves science will go wild over this molecule craft, which involves building models of molecules using colorful balls, toothpicks and markers.


Recycled castle

Recycled castle

What a perfect way to recycle cardboard tubes and a shoe box. Making this castle centerpiece allows each child to express his or her own creativity by constructing either a colorful princess castle or a strong castle fit for a hero.


Cheerio stack-up


While this craft is easy to build, it has many benefits. This Cheerio stack-up project is great for building fine motor skills, and it allows children to experiment with angles, weights and shapes.


Baker’s-clay castle

Baker's Clay Castle

Baker’s clay is great because you don’t necessarily have to bake it to use it for building projects. This castle project, for example, is great for practicing sculpting.


Cityscape blocks

Fun City Scape Blocks

Turn someone else’s garbage into something fun with these fun cityscape blocks. Grab some wood scraps, paint and a permanent marker and let your child’s imagination take flight. Want to get even more creative? Bring out a hammer and nails and create multilayered cityscapes with multiple blocks.


Cardboard-box house

Cardboard box house

Do you have a cardboard box and some construction paper lying around? If so, you can help your kids whip up this cardboard-box house from Say Yes in no time flat. It makes a perfect doll house or refuge for plastic animals, and it gives the kiddos a fun way to get creative.

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