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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Are Just a Wee Bit Out of the Box

There’s definitely something to be said for classic old-fashioned baby names, but lately we’re kinda loving the new-school crop of gender-neutral names that are totally in style.

Whether you’re keeping your baby’s sex a surprise for their big debut or are just into the idea of giving your child a name that is neither strictly masculine or strictly feminine, there’s at least a handful of gender-neutral names that you’re bound to love.
Celebrities have embraced unique gender-neutral names in a big way. From Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ daughter Wyatt to Leighton Meester and Adam Brody’s daughter Arlo, it’s clear crossing the gender aisle is a bona fide trend.

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Other famous parents opted for unisex middle names. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Bruce Willis named baby girls Gloria Ray and Mabel Ray, while. A.J. McLean and Jessica Capshaw named their daughters Ava Jaymes and Poppy James.

Open your mind and consider these surprising gender-neutral names for baby boys and girls alike. Use them as first names, middle names or both.

Two babies, three gender-neutral names: Joe Nichols’ daughter is named Dylan River, while Jay DeMarcus’ son is named Dylan Jay.

Rachael Leigh Cook paired a feminine first name with a gender-neutral middle name: Charlotte Easton.

Lisa Ling gave her daughter the same name Katie Price gave to her son: Jett.
Kristen Bell’s daughter and Kailyn Lowry’s son are both named Lincoln.

Jack Huston and Shannan Click named their daughter Sage Lavinia.

David and Victoria’s daughter is Harper Seven and Brent Seabrook’s son is Carter Seven.

Unusual gender-neutral baby names
Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

Originally published December 2015. Updated June 2017.

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