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Relaxed baby names

Looking for a smooth, unpretentious baby name? These relaxed baby names may just be what you’re looking for.

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These chilled-out baby names are not only relaxed, but flow well with just about any middle or last name you want to pair them with.

Forget trendy baby names, or classic names that, while cool, may be a bit clunky, and turn to these baby names that may fit the bill.

What’s in a name?

Plenty of vowels help these baby names roll along nicely, and give them a really lovely rhythm. These names are also, for the most part, short and sweet, which means they work well with just about any middle and last name.

Baby names can be long and elaborate, or short and simple. These names are short, but we wouldn’t go so far as to say they are typical of shorter names. We think these names have a really easy-on-the-ear sound that will grow with your baby and sound great as he makes his way in the world as an adult. Wouldn’t you agree?

Relaxed baby names for boys

  • Aaron: This Hebrew name means “mountain of strength”
  • Abel: Another Hebrew name, this means “breath, vapor”
  • Ari: This name has either Hebrew or Scandinavian origins, and means “lion, eagle”
  • Asa: Meaning “doctor, healer,” this name has Hebrew roots
  • Bo: A nickname that can be used as a given name
  • Cole: This Middle English name means “swarthy”
  • Doran: An Irish name, this means “stranger”
  • Eli: Meaning “high,” this biblical name has Hebrew origins
  • Elias: Of Greek and Hebrew origins, this means “the Lord is my God”
  • Finn: This Irish name means “fair” or “from Finland”
  • Ira: Meaning “full grown, watchful,” this name has Hebrew roots
  • Isaac: A Biblical name, this means “laughter”
  • Leo: This Latin name means “lion”
  • Liam: This is the Irish form of William, and means “will helmet, protection”
  • Levi: Meaning “joined,” this name is also found in the Bible
  • Mason: An occupational name, this means “works with stone”
  • Micah: This Hebrew name means, “who is like God”
  • Noah: Meaning “peaceful,” this name has Hebrew roots
  • Owen: A Scottish name, this means “born of yew” or “youth”

Relaxed baby names for girls

  • Amelia: This pretty name means “industrious”
  • Amira: An Arabic name, this means “princess”
  • Anna: Meaning “God has favored me,” this name has Hebrew origins
  • Ava: This name may have German roots and its meaning is uncertain
  • Dahlia: This floral name has Swedish origins
  • Ella: An Old German name, this means “other, foreign”
  • Emma: From Old French, this means “entire, universal”
  • Hannah: Similar to Anna, this also means “God has favored me”
  • Julia: This pretty Latin name means “youthful”
  • Layla: Meaning “night beauty,” this name has Arabic roots
  • Leah: A Hebrew name, this means “delicate”
  • Liora: This Hebrew name means “God’s gift of light to me”
  • Mila: This name has Spanish roots and means “miracles, favored”
  • Moira: Another version of Mary, this means “star of the sea”
  • Morena: Meaning “brown, brown-haired,” this name has Spanish origins
  • Nora: Short form of Eleanora, Honora or Leonora
  • Rona: An Old Norse name, this means “rough island”
  • Talia: Of Hebrew and Aramaic origin, this name means “heaven’s dew”
  • Zara: This is another form of the Hebrew name Sarah, which means “princess”

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