DIY bleach pen curtains

Feb 19, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Your kids' bedroom may be the room with the most makeovers as your youngster grows — so choosing decor like custom curtains you can make yourself can save you a little dough. Using solid curtains, a bleach pen and your imagination, you can update your child's room as often as you'd like with these affordable DIY bleach pen curtains.

DIY bleach curtaims | - final product


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • 100 percent cotton curtain panels in a solid color
  • 2 or more gel bleach pens
  • Washing machine




Sketch out a design on paper to figure out the design layout you want your curtains to have. Keep in mind that gel bleach pens still contain liquid bleach and tend to bleed, so you'll want to avoid intricate or small designs that will likely bleed together.


Lay out cloth

DIY bleach curtaims | - step two

Next, find a large, flat surface to work on and lay out your curtain panel, face up. Don't worry about the wrinkles at this point — you will wash these panels before you hang them.

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DIY bleach curtaims | - step three

Then, using your gel bleach pen, create the designs of your choice directly on the front side of your curtain panel by applying a thin line of bleach. For panels that are a lot larger than your work surface, work in sections and let your design dry slightly before moving on to the next section of your DIY curtains, to avoid your design running.



DIY bleach curtaims | - step four

Allow the entire design to dry for about 2 hours. Your gel bleach pen design will begin to lighten your fabric as the bleach begins to turn a bit crusty on your custom curtains.

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DIY bleach curtaims | - step five

Finally, once mostly dry, toss your curtain panels into the washer and dryer, iron if desired and hang your DIY bleach pen curtains in your child's room — or anywhere you choose.

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