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Yarn-wrapped heart garland for Valentine’s Day

Handmade decorations make any holiday extra special for kids, and this DIY Valentine’s Day garland is no exception. Gather the kids and put together this easy yarn-wrapped heart garland that every member of the family can help create.

Heart garland | - Final Product

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and your kids will love getting in the spirit with this fun and easy garland craft.

Heart garland | - Supplies


  • Floral wire
  • Cotton yarn
  • Scissors



Step one

Heart garland | - step one

Take a piece of floral wire and bend it into a “v” shape.


Step two

Heart garland | - step two

Carefully bend the floral wire to form the shape of a heart.


Step three

Heart garland | - step 3

Wrap the yarn tightly all the way around the wire heart.


Step four

Heart garland | - step 4

Next, wrap the yarn back and forth across the opening of the heart. When you reach the end, tie a knot in the yarn around the wire and cut off any excess yarn.


Step five

Heart garland | - step 5

Cut a short piece of yarn and slide it through the heart. Tie a knot in the yarn.


Step six

Heart garland | - step 6

Make at least 6 wire hearts — more if you would like a longer garland. Cut a long piece of yarn and feed the yarn through the loops on the hearts, then your garland is ready to hang!

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