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Lazy mom’s guide to Valentine’s Day

This time of year Pinterest explodes with adorable pink and red homemade confections that you are supposed to make for your kids for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day for kids -

Apparently, to “show your kids you love them” you have to make a super-complicated homemade thing that will take you at least five hours and likely cause you to cry. There might even be blood. But you don’t have to do that. I mean, unless you really want to.

Instead, I have the perfect solution. The bad news is that you might have to buy one thing for a couple dollars. The good news is that it will last a lifetime and you’ll excel at being an underachieving crafting goddess on Valentine’s Day and your children will rejoice every year. Or something.

Heart-shaped cookie cutter -

All you need is one metal heart-shaped cookie cutter. You don’t need multiple sizes. You don’t need scalloped edges. Just one normal, boring cookie cutter. Shaped like a heart. And ideally metal.

Then this is how a lazy parent rolls (only when they feel like going all out, most years buying a heart-shaped box full of chocolates and calling it a day is perfectly adequate for me) on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day breakfast

Valentine's Day breakfast for kids -

Use your heart-shaped cookie cutter! Make heart-shaped toast. Or heart-shaped eggs, pancakes or waffles.

Valentine’s Day lunch

Use your heart-shaped cookie cutter! Make a heart-shaped sandwich.

Valentine’s Day dinner

Valentine's Day dinner for kids -

Guess what? Use your heart-shaped cookie cutter again! Make heart-shaped mini-pizzas. At this point, if your child is complaining “Hearts again?” then you’ll know you’ve done a great job. Congrats!

Bonus: If you are really, really motivated this year, you can even use your cookie cutter to make (wait for it) cookies. Use the same Christmas cut-out recipe you used in December, pink frosting and leftover red sprinkles. This requires some serious effort though so this is recommended for the most energetic of us. And also for those of us who find any excuse to bake cookies.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image credit: Amber Dusick

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Amber Dusick - Crappy PicturesAmber Dusick is one of our SheKnows Experts Among Us. She is the author of the bestselling humor book Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. She writes and illustrates the blog Crappy Pictures where she captures the hilarious and frustrating things that happen in marriage and parenting. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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