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Kid-friendly Valentine’s Day recipes

It will be love at first sight when you surprise the kids with these fun Valentine’s Day treats and eats.

Mini doughnut towers

Mini donut towers |

Photo credit: The Vanilla Tulip

Surprise the kids after school with a tower of love — stacked mini doughnuts, complete with a striped paper straw and washi tape flag. Don’t forget a side of strawberries!

Sweet stack

Seet stack |

Photo credit: Fräulein Klein

Fluffy waffles look extra sweet stacked on a mini pedestal cake stand and topped with fresh whipped cream and berries. Buy a heart waffle maker and profess your love with waffles all year long.

Strawberry smoothies

Strawberry smoothies |

Photo credit: Project Nursery

Skip the food coloring and “pink” your drink the old-fashioned way — with strawberries. This strawberry almond smoothie recipe would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day breakfast.

Heart pancakes

Heart pancakes |

Photo credit: A Pretty Cool Life

Nothing says love like heart-shaped pancakes. Don’t have a heart-shaped pancake mold? No problem. Check out this tutorial on how to make DIY aluminum foil molds for your heart cakes.

Quick Tip:

Gluten-free? Try Love Grain Pancake + Waffle Mix, made with teff, an ancient grain with a mild nutty flavor that’s rich in calcium, protein and fiber.

Red beet and
white bean hummus

Red beet and white bean hummus |

Photo credit: Weelicious

Smooth and creamy, this hummus dip gets its brilliant color from a roasted beet. Serve with pita chips and veggies and watch the kids gobble it up.

Sweet potato
cheddar heart crackers

Sweet potato cheddar heart crackers |

Photo credit: School Bites

These healthy crackers get their orange color from extra-sharp cheddar and sweet potato purée.

milk ice cubes

Strawberry milk ice cubes |

Photo credit: KidZui

These adorable pink hearts are made by freezing strawberry milk in a heart-shaped ice cube mold. Ikea, here we come.

Conversation heart

Conversation heart sandwiches |

Photo credit: BentOnBetterLunches

Use cookie cutters and toothpick flags to turn a ho-hum ham and cheese sandwich into something special. This one was made with a FunBites hearts cutter.

Valentine fruit leather

Valentine fruit leather |

Photo credit: Eat.Drink.Love.

They’re red. They’re sweet. They’re fun to eat. We can’t think of a kid who wouldn’t want to open his lunch box to find homemade strawberry-peach fruit leather. The ingredients? Fruit and agave nectar — that’s it.

Puppy love hot dog hearts

Puppy love hot dog hearts |

Photo credit: Spoonful

Play Cupid and serve your valentines a fun little hot dog heart. Simply cut the ends from a hot dog on the diagonal, spear with a piece of uncooked linguini and add cheese bits to form the ends of an arrow.

Valentine’s Day pizza

Valentine's Day pizza |

Photo credit: One Charming Party

Add a little love to your store-bought pie with heart-shaped pepperoni. Pick up a package of sliced pepperoni and use a cookie cutter to cut out heart shapes. Top the pizza with “meat hearts” before baking.

Heart fruit salad

Heart fruit salad |

Photo credit: Celebrate the Big & Small

Use two sizes of cookie cutters to stamp out watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple fruit hearts. Serve with toothpicks and individual yogurt or chocolate dips for a fun snack or dessert.

Valentine family fondue

Valentine family fondue |

Photo credit: Food is Like Art

If your kids like to dip, they’ll love celebrating Valentine’s Day with a family fondue night. Start off with cheese fondue served with a variety of meats, veggies and ravioli. Follow up with chocolate-dipped fruits, nuts and sweet treats.

Sweet heart krispie treats

Sweet heart krispie treats |

Photo credit: Spoonful

Heart cookie cutters and a touch of food coloring turn Rice Krispies and marshmallows into an extra-special Valentine’s Day treat.

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