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Photography tips for your sweethearts

There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to capture the ones we love most. But way-too-busy kids and husbands who tend to run from the camera can make that tricky. The amazing team at The Photographer Within has some tips for us.

When it comes to learning how to photograph our sweethearts this Valentine’s Day (and every day!), there’s no one better to chat with than the team at The Photographer Within (TPW), a dynamic and inclusive online community for photographers of all skill levels and interests. From tips on lighting to thoughts on preshoot prep, they have this holiday covered!

Picture it

Lynne Rigby photographer sample image |

Lynne Rigby, photographer and one of the founders of TPW, lives in Orlando with her husband and five children. When she’s not driving to or standing on the sidelines of some sort of practice, she is teaching one of her four online photography classes. Her busy schedule keeps her photography centered around her children and their lives.

When we asked Lynne for a few words of advice, she shared this picture of her own little sweetheart and explained that it helps to start with a clear idea of what you’re hoping to achieve. Before she shot this photo, she envisioned her daughter Lylah surrounded by sea of hearts. To achieve that, she created heart shaped “bokeh” in the background by taping a black construction paper circle with a small heart cut out in the center to her lens. But, she warns you to be careful because the tape became stuck in the focusing mechanism of her lens, which sent her 85-millimeter lens on a trip back to Canon for repair.

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