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Make your own felt squirrel toy

I’m not sure if it’s all the little squirrels running around our yard right now or the upcoming movie The Nut Job, but both my children and I are loving squirrels right now. So with some felt and a little inspiration, I decided to create a cute stuffed squirrel toy for my children to play with. The good news is that this toy is both simple and fun to create!

How to make a felt squirrel


  • Gray (or other) felt
  • Cream or tan (or other) felt
  • Batting
  • Gray embroidery floss
  • Cream or tan embroidery floss
  • Small black pom-pom (or similar)
  • Needle
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fabric pins


To create this cute squirrel toy, you first need to find a template. I simply looked up “squirrel clip art” and found many options that would work as a template for my squirrel shape. Once I found a template I loved, I printed it out and simplified the lines just a bit so that it would be easier to cut out of felt. Alternatively, you can freehand a squirrel shape. Just be sure to keep it simple!


DIY Felt Squirrel: Step 1 trace and cut pattern

Once you have your squirrel shape, simply pin it to your felt. If your scissors are good enough, layer two pieces of gray felt and one piece of cream felt together and cut all three layers at one time.

Once your felt is cut, trace out a few spots on the cream squirrel piece to use as accents on your gray squirrel piece. Then cut them out.


DIY Felt Squirrel: Step 2 test fit squirrel pieces

After your pieces are all cut, lay them on top of each other just to be sure that they fit correctly and you like how they look.


DIY Felt Squirrel: Step 3 sew on accent pieces

Use your needle and embroidery floss to sew your cream felt pieces to your top layer of gray felt. I just used a simple stitch so that you could see the thread as a cute accent. I love the handmade look it gives the squirrel.


DIY Felt Squirrel: Step 4 sew on eyes and nose

After all of the cream pieces are sewed onto the gray top piece, sew the pom-pom on for the nose and then use gray embroidery floss to create an eye.


DIY Felt Squirrel: Step 5 stuff Squirrel

Lay your completed top piece on top of your bottom piece of felt and sew the two pieces together. Be sure your stitches are close enough together that no batting will come out. Stop sewing when you have about 1-2 inches left to sew.

Stuff your squirrel with batting until you achieve the desired puffiness. Then finish sewing your squirrel toy together.


DIY Felt Squirrel: Step 6 Complete

You can modify this squirrel to fit your preference. I love how the gray and cream felt look, but any combination of gray, brown, tan and/or cream would work perfectly for this project. You can even let your children pick out the colors they want or get creative using pink or orange instead of traditional squirrel colors!

DIY Felt Squirrel: Step 6 Complete

My children love their new squirrel toy, and I am sure yours will, too!

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