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Make your own squirrel feeder

If the upcoming movie The Nut Job has inspired you to help your nut-loving friends survive the winter, here is a simple DIY way to make a squirrel feeder for your backyard. Just be sure to place it in a spot where you can easily view it. Watching squirrels gather and eat nuts is so much fun!

DIY Squirrel Feeder |

To make a simple yet pretty DIY squirrel feeder, you will first need to gather your supplies.


  • Large wide-mouthed Mason jar (or similar)
  • Wooden paint stir stick (or similar)
  • Wire (see below for other options)
  • Nuts

DIY Squirrel Feeder | - supplies

The fun of having a squirrel feeder in your backyard is being able to watch the squirrels actually eat (and steal) the nuts! So you will want to begin with a clear, see-through container. A large wide-mouthed Mason jar works perfectly for this, but if you happen to have an empty mayo jar or jelly container, that would work perfectly, too. This is not a craft that needs to cost a lot of money. You can definitely get creative with your supplies and shop from your own home as much as possible first.

Wire is a great way to secure your feeder together, but rope or twine would be other great options, too.

I love the simplicity of using a paint stir stick as a little ledge for the squirrels to use as they hop into the feeder. But again, use your imagination and search your home before running to the hardware store. There are many other things you could use for this, such as a scrap of wood, an old spatula or a long plastic storage container lid.

DIY Squirrel Feeder | - mason jar

  1. After you’ve gathered your supplies, you will begin by taking the lid off the jar.
  2. Next, use your wire to secure the paint stir stick tightly in place. You will want to wrap the stick in at least 2 different places to be sure it is secure.
  3. Use additional wire to secure your feeder to a fence, post, arbor, tree or other location outside. Remember, it will be fun for you and your children to watch squirrels hop into your squirrel feeder and eat the nuts, so be sure to place this in a location that is easily visible from inside your home.
  4. Fill your squirrel feeder with peanuts (or other nuts) and then sit back and wait for your nut-loving friends to come and devour the tasty treats you’ve left for them!

DIY Squirrel Feeder | - final product

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