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Baby names from folklore

Looking for a baby name with rich meaning? Try a name with an entire story behind it. These baby names come from folk tales passed down for centuries.

Irish baby girl

Folklore has been passed down by every culture throughout modern civilization. These are the stories at the heart of our cultures and identities. No matter where you’re from, folklore is part of your past.

Like stories, baby names have rich histories. As you search for the right baby name for your child, consider drawing inspiration from folklore. You may be surprised at what resonates with you, whether it’s a favorite childhood tale, a folk story that reflects your heritage or a story that captures your imagination as an adult. To help you find a baby name that’s right for you, we’ve collected names from various folk traditions. See what strikes your fancy as you make one of the most important choices of your life

Baby names from German folklore

  • Faust — a scholar who bargained with the devil
  • Gretel — sister of Hansel, who defeated a witch
  • Hansel — brother of Gretel from the familiar German tale
  • Holda — the patron of spinning and crafters
  • Lorelei — a siren
  • Till — from Till Eulenspiegel, a trickster

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Baby names from English folklore

  • Annis — a witch who haunted roads
  • Arthur — a fictional king said to have united Britain
  • Cole — a fictional king from rhymes and song
  • Robin — Robin Hood was a legendary folk hero

Baby names from South American folklore

  • Alicanto — a Chilean folklore bird
  • Coco — a Brazilian ghost monster
  • Iara — a Brazilian water spirit
  • Maria — Maria Bonita is a Brazilian folklore bandit

Baby names from Somali folklore

  • Araweello — a legendary queen
  • Ayaanle — benevolent spirits or angels
  • Eebe — the Somali word for god
  • Nidar — the spirit in charge of justice and punishment

Baby names from Chinese folklore

  • Bashe — a legendary snake so large it could devour elephants
  • Fong — Fong Sai-yuk was a legendary martial artist
  • Jian — a ghost spirit
  • Leizu — a legendary Chinese empress said to have discovered silk

Baby names from Welsh folklore

  • Branwen — a legendary Welsh royal
  • Dylan — a man who could transform into a sea creature
  • Epona — goddess of horses and mules
  • Teyrnon — a lord from Welsh mythology

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Baby names from Scandinavian folklore

  • Loki — a trickster god in Norse mythology
  • Fenrir — a legendary giant wolf
  • Odin — a god said to lead the wild hunt
  • Thor — the Norse god of thunder

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