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15 Acorn craft ideas

Find inspiration in nature and try one of these acorn-inspired crafts. You know what they say, “Mighty oaks (or in this case, mighty crafts) from little acorns grow.”


Acorn toadstools

Acorn toadstools craft |

Photo credit: Twig and Toadstool

Turn a humble acorn into a cheery red and white toadstool with a little craft paint and some glue.

Instructions here >>


Chalkboard acorns

Chalkboard acorns craft |

Photo credit: The Life of a Craft Crazed Mom

These jumbo chalkboard acorns are made from twine-wrapped wooden eggs painted with chalkboard paint.

Instructions here >>

Expert tip:

Before using acorns for craft projects, first soak them and then bake them on a low setting for an hour to dry them and kill any bugs.


Felted wool acorn necklaces

Felted wool acorn necklace craft |

Photo credit: Frontier Dreams

Sweet and petite, these wool felted acorn necklaces would make lovely valentines.

Instructions here >>


Acorn faces

Acorn face craft |

Photo credit: One Golden Apple

Doodle a sweet face on an acorn, then tie on a necklace string for a simple craft kids of all ages will love.

Instructions here >>


Little acorn people

Little acorn people craft |

Photo credit: Babyccino

These little acorn people, made with acorn caps and wood peg dolls, are ideal for imaginative play.

Instructions here >>


Painted acorn caps

Painted acorn cap craft |

Photo credit: Hello Hydrangea

Bursting with color, these painted acorn caps can be scattered anywhere you need a splash of color (or turned into lovely jewelry)!

Instructions here >>


Acorn ornaments

Acorn ornament craft |

Photo credit: lil fish studios

These mini acorn ornaments would look stunning on a tiny Christmas tree.

Instructions here >>


Framed acorn art

Framed acorn art craft |

Photo credit: Delia Creates

Create instant art for your home by hot-gluing rows of acorns onto scrap mat paper.

Instructions here >>


Acorn magnets

Acorn magnets craft |

Photo credit: Make and Takes

Add woodland flair to your fridge with these cute little acorn magnets.

Instructions here >>


Acorn memory match game

Acorn memory match game craft |

Photo credit: Wee Folk Art

If you have a little one who likes to match and sort, check out the squeal-inducing cuteness Kimara of Wee Folk Art made for her granddaughter.

Instructions here >>


Acorn ball decoration

Acorn ball decoration craft |

Photo credit: Make and Takes

Cover a plastic foam ball with acorn caps and tie on a ribbon for a festive fall decoration.

Instructions here >>


Acorn napkin rings

Acorn napkin ring craft |

Photo credit: Yankee Magazine

Acorns laced on suede and accented with a single bead make beautiful napkin holders.

Instructions here >>


Acorn wreath

Acorn wreath craft |

Photo credit: Crafts Unleashed

Don’t live in acorn territory? No problem! You can buy a bag of 25 craft acorns from Consumer Crafts for less than $2. It will take five bags to make the acorn wreath you see here.

Instructions here >>


Birds nest

Bird's nest craft |

Photo credit: Twig and Toadstool

A sprig of moss and painted soybean “eggs” turn an acorn cap into a miniature bird’s nest.

Instructions here >>


Floating acorn candles

We don’t know who originally came up with the idea of turning acorn caps into tiny floating candles, but whoever you are, thank you! It really doesn’t get any cuter than this.

Instructions here >>

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Floating acorn candles craft |

Photo credit: The Gunny Sack

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