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15 Squirrel-themed snacks for movie night

Make movie night even more fun by matching the munchies to the movie. If squirrels play a starring role, try some of these tasty treats. And remember — no hoarding!


Squirrel s’more pops

Squirrel s'more pop snack |

Photo credit: Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

Made with graham crackers, marshmallows and frosting, these adorable squirrel pops are easy to make and impossible to resist.

Instructions here >>


Nut cones

Nut cone snack |

Photo credit: The Interior Archive

Roll scrapbook paper or kraft paper into individual cones, fill with nuts and let moviegoers help themselves.


Hershey’s Kiss
acorn cookies

Hershey's Kiss acorn cookies snack |

Photo credit: Cheryl Style

What’s a squirrel’s favorite snack? Acorns, of course! This sweet version is made with Hershey’s Kisses, melted chocolate and mini vanilla wafer cookies.

Instructions here >>


doughnut holes

Acorn donut hole snack |

Photo credit: Juneberry Lane

Think Nutella-dipped doughnut hole “acorns” would lead to icky sticky fingers? That’s what the pretzel stick handles are for, silly!

Instructions here >>


Nutter butter acorns

Nutter butter acorn snack |

Photo credit: Six in the Suburbs

If Nutter Butter cookies are your passion, this version of the Hershey’s Kiss acorn features mini Nutter Butters and a tiny chocolate chip stem.

Instructions here >>


Forest berries

Forest berries snack |

Photo credit: Hostess with the Mostess

When planning your squirrel-themed snacks, it can’t all be about the nuts! Throw in a little color with some gummy woodland berries.


Chocolate twigs

Chocolate twig snack |

Photo credit: Hostess with the Mostess

Give a delicious nod to a squirrel’s natural habitat and serve chocolate-covered cookie “twigs.”


Squirrel snack bags

Squirrel snack bags |

Photo credit: My Party Impressions

Nuts may be squirrels’ favorite treat, but they’ve been known to sink their teeth into seeds, berries and just about anything else they can get their little paws on. Whip up a mix of your favorite woodsy snacks and top with cute bag toppers like these.


Squirrel cookies

Squirrel cookie snack |

Photo credit: Beki Cook’s Cake Blog

Would you believe these squirrel and acorn cookies were made without cookie cutters? Click the link below to find out how you can make cookies that are shaped like these little critters.

Instructions here >>


Squirrel snack mix

Squirrel snack mix |

Photo credit: Double the Fun Parties

Don’t feel like bagging up the snack mix? Lay out bowls of munchies like banana chips, pretzel sticks, chocolate bits and dried cherries, and let your little squirrels forage for the mix of their choosing!


cookie face

Squirrel cookie face snack |

Photo credit: Party Pinching

Need a pre-movie activity? Gather the kids and let them make these funny squirrel faces with crackers, cookies and candy!

Instructions here >>


Bowl of nuts
with squirrel nutcracker

Bowl of nuts and squirrel nut cracker snack |

Photo credit: Amazon

Want to keep things simple? Serve a giant bowl of popcorn and a big bowl of nuts for cracking.

Buy a squirrel nutcracker here >>


Skeeter snacks

Skeeter cookie snack |

Photo credit: Skeeter Snacks

Do you know about Skeeter? Apparently, he’s the world’s only squirrel with a nut allergy. If you have a family member with a nut allergy, pass out nut-free Skeeter cookie packs — they come in six different flavors.

Buy them here >>


Squirrel fruit kebabs

Squirrel fruit kebab snack |

Photo credit: Sweet Sassy Studio

With a squirrel cookie cutter in your hand, you can stamp out squirrel-themed snacks galore. We wouldn’t mind sinking our teeth into these squirrel fruit kebabs.

Buy a squirrel cookie cutter here >>


Squirrel spice sandwich cookies

Squirrel-shaped whoopie pies!

Instructions here >>

Quick tip: Be sure to check out the hilarious new animated squirrel movie The Nut Job, starring starring Katherine Heigl, Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser and Stephen Lang.

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Squirrel spice sandwich cookie snack |
Photo credit: Birds and Baking

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